Any.DO Cal Review

Any.DO Cal Review

Dec 13, 2013

Any.DO is the development house behind one of the most respected task utilities on Android, and its Android calendar app, Cal, is definitely one that needs to be looked at.

Forgive the slobber; this app is gorgeous.

It comes in with bright colors, pictures and live animations to complement the default white look of the calendar information. the app automatically pulled information from my selected calendars, and presents them in a slick day-in-week view that can be pulled down to expose a monthly date look. Swiping to the left gives the previous day, while the right predictably brings the next day up, and so and so forth; months can similarly be manipulated in the cal1month view. Events on the calendar are ever so gently color-coded.

At the top of the calendar, to the right, the plus (+) symbol can be used to enter new events. Tapping on it opens up a simple menu in which data can be inputted along with reminders, repeats, people coming, and location. Location populates automatically from Google Maps, and navigation can be automatically invoked from a completed entry. Everything ties nicely into Android’s system, and as such, the app works seamlessly with other relevant apps. The app syncs with Google Calendar in my testing, and is rated to work with Yahoo, Outlook and iCloud amongst others. It packs the requisite widget as well.

My biggest gripe is the, the limited view options. I tend to like a weekly view with all weekly entries showing. This helps me with planning. I couldn’t find something similar on Cal, nor could I find event markers in the abbreviated month view. The same gripe extends to the widget. I would also have liked more repeat options.

Did I say this app looks good? The built-in functionality with Any.Do task manager is definitely a plus, and even with the drawbacks, this looks like a decent offering in the mobile productivity space.