e-CAL Calendar Review

e-CAL Calendar Review

Oct 22, 2014

When it comes to business, knowing where to be when trumps just about everything else; if mobility is the goal, even a greater emphasis need be put on functionality. On the go, and using a smartdevice as a calendaring hub, one must have a reliable utility.

And if the app looks good, even better, right? With that endgame in mind, checking out the former iOS exclusive e-CAL Calendar isn’t too hard of a proposition.

Off the bat, the first thing that jumps out is the freshness of the design. Google’s’s newfangled material design is clearly on display, and is reflected in the terse layout and clean typography, as well as the splotches of green. It is a sharp look overall, and the presentation of the data works well. On the main page, the grid month apexes the individual calendar entries; the three lined menu rests to the top left, and gives us some ready insight into the app’s functionality.ecal1

The calendar is easy to work, with the material design add button at the bottom right. Tapping on that leads to the event entry form, which allows for specific reminders and such to be added. When a specific day is tapped on the calendar, events for that day are listed below. As expected, it syncs with the Google-based calendars installed on the host device.

The menu allows for one to navigate to tasks, and manage them. The app arranges them simply by “all,” “todo” and “done” categories. The tasks can be synced o Google Tasks, and it’s a plus that tasks due dates show up in the calendar. Adding tasks is easy, and as with calendar events, tasks for any given day are shown at the bottom when that day is tapped.

The in-app store has a lot of extras, a few available for free with signing up for an e-CAL account, and others that can be unlocked for cash. There are a lot of choices: religious calendars, weather, sports… even stock exchanges.

All in all, it’s a vibrant option. I think the user interface menu could use more visual options, but do like the built-in beta community, and the optional Event Planner companion app. For a glimpse of material design and a free, functional calendar option, one almost can’t go wrong with e-CAL.

Agenday Smart Calendar Review

Agenday Smart Calendar Review

Sep 18, 2014

Making everyday business activities easier is a worthy goal that definitely earns developers a spot in heaven. With Agenday Smart Calendar, PGi might have a chance to go up yonder.

The use interface is appropriately businesslike, with the default soft hues and flashes of orange. The welcome screen is tastefully crafted, with weather, date and meetings that are planned for the current day. The date bar is scrollable, and there is a calendar button nestled to the top right, along with the familiar Android-standard three-button menu access. Tapping on a specific part of the weather information leads to Weather Underground, from which more specific weather information can be procured. Altogether, the UI feels clean and intuitive, and avoids the pitfall of being too cluttered.age1

Tapping on the menu button gives an idea of the app’s functionality as a scheduling and conferencing hub. The app automatically pulls in the emails already attached to the hosting device, and tapping “Schedule Meeting” out of the app menu suggests adding a conference service. If this is selected, the user is led to a menu where conference call info can be added. Then, Agenday calls up the installed calendars on the device (and if there is more than one with the appropriate permissions, it allows the user to pick the preferred one). In the main menu, there is also the option to “Meet Now” which allows one to set up a call now.

As already noted, the app stands out by streamlining conference calls. It works with services like GoToMeeting and Linc on the fly, allowing for one-touch dialing and connection to pre-configured conference calls. Additionally, I found it calls up navigation utilities from within the app for drive-to locations.

The extras help make the app standout. For the business professional on the go, integration with LinkedIn and Salesforce should be very welcome. It interfaces with the installed contacts/people utility too, so a lot of actions can be performed from the app. The widget is also a nice touch.

When it’s all said and done, Agenday makes its name by doing more, and doing more simply. Being free makes if feel even more of a steal.

You Borrowed It Lets You Keep an Eye on Your Belongings

You Borrowed It Lets You Keep an Eye on Your Belongings

May 20, 2014

You Borrowed It 2

Borrowing is usually a lot of hassle, and You Borrowed It attempts to remove most of it by helping you keep track of your stuff in someone else’s hands. You can set the object you borrowed, when and for how long you did it, and put a photo of it, if you want. I think that it’s quite a useful application for someone who tends to lend lots of stuff to people. It can be purchased from here: You Borrowed It on Google Play.

Introducing Cal – A simple But Useful Calendar by Any.do

Introducing Cal – A simple But Useful Calendar by Any.do

Dec 5, 2013

Cal - Calendar by Any.do 2

Today, Any.do has released its new app that may not blow your mind, but will keep you from forgetting about that dentist’s appointment. It’s a calendar and a reminder with minimalistic interface that offers various services, like synchronization with Google Calendar and Google Maps. This little app can be downloaded for free from here: Cal – Calendar by Any.do On Google Play.

Google Launches Calendar App on Google Play; Makes It Available to All 4.x Android Devices

Google Launches Calendar App on Google Play; Makes It Available to All 4.x Android Devices

Oct 18, 2012

Google has done a curious move: they’ve released their Calendar app as a standalone app on Google Play, instead of a built-in app. There seem to be two immediately apparent reasons as to why this was done. One: Google wants to be able to easily update the Calendar app, similar to how Play Music and YouTube are available on Google Play. This gives them flexibility to add new functionality down the line.

But the second reason is more important: this allows for Google to get their calendar app on devices where the manufacturer has skinned or replaced the default software. For example, Samsung’s calendar app looks quite different from the default Google app; for people migrating from a Nexus device, this may be quite jarring. This allows for Google to push that standardized Android look, and possibly pressure the manufacturers into using Holo themes and fonts, instead of their own choices. It also gives users an option as to which calendar app they want to use. The app is available now from Google Play.

Business Calendar Pro Review

Business Calendar Pro Review

Aug 28, 2012

The business world revolves around time. Because of the need for careful planning of the day, having the best possible calendar app for Android is essential. In my opinion, for the users of Google Calendar or a Calendar hosted by Google, Business Calendar Pro is the best calendar app out there.

Most calendar apps will sync with a Google Calendar. What happens though is some of the features do not transfer over to mobile or the Android calendar is harder to use… This where Business Calendar Pro excels. The feature well worth the price of admission is the ability to drag and drop appointments. While this doesn’t seem like it would save a lot of time, moving appointments this way is a big time saver. No need to go into each appointment and fiddle with the dates and resend notifications of the changed meeting. Drag the appointment where it needs to be then BAM! Everything is changed.

Another unique feature is the way Business Calendar Pro handles the transition of the views. From Month to Week view, drag a finger across the week. The default week view will be 7 days. When the need arises to see more or fewer days, a swipe along the bottom of the screen will add or lessen the amount of days shown. As few as one day or as many as 14 days can be viewed in this view.

When multiple calendars are used, Business Calendar Pro knows not all of the calendars need to be viewed all of the time. The option is given to sync and view a large number of calendars. The cool part is, at the bottom of every calendar view is a row displaying all of the visible calendars. With a quick tap, a calendar can be hidden.

My only wishlist item for Business Calendar Pro is to integrate Google Tasks in there somehow. If that could happen, the app would be unstoppable.