Sugar Rush Review

Sugar Rush Review

Aug 5, 2013

Match 3s never get old, but I do like the fact that development houses seen to keep pushing the boundaries of the genre. Sugar Rush seems to want to do just that.

The gameplay is fairly easy to understand and get into.

There are two sets of candies that move towards each other fro opposite sides. Play involves looking for sets of virtual candies, and popping these clusters as fast as possible. Of course, at least three candies must appear adjacent to each other for the popping to work. Additionally, the game allows for swipe gestures to be utilized to move candies to matching clusters so as to create bigger swathes of matching sweets. Popping combos earns game coins sugar1that can be used for game extras.

To add to the overall arcade feel of the game, the developer tosses in special candies with unique powers, like jackpots. Also, at the beginning of each round, it is possible to equip one’s self with up to three boosts. These boosts are interestingly varied, such as one that increases the score multiplier, or one that increases the amount of special pieces. These boosts cost game money though, so the coins garnered in the game have to be managed carefully.The Facebook functionality allows for daily contests and competition between Sugar Rush-playing friends. Game is leveled too, so eventually, it is possible to get new titles as progress is made.

Visuals are a big part of the game, so it makes sense that brightly colored candy makes up a lot of the graphics. The background art is decent, and the animations were hitch-free.

Sugar Rush is a delightfully simple game, with plenty of familiar elements and timed gameplay that can be easily learned. The social networking component is a welcome piece that should appeal to folks as well.