Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

Apr 1, 2014

Movie companion apps are almost always a good idea, and Gameloft provides us with another one in Captain America: TWS.

The game starts off with an urban backdrop, with a good deal of mayhem reflected in the visuals. The 3D graphics are intricately done, with high rise buildings seemingly getting just as much design attention as character shadows and road surface markings. The Captain looks heroic as ever, even from the top down perspective that the game is rendered in. The colors that are used to highlight health and good versus evil are bright and hard to miss.

The gameplay itself is a combat thriller with fantastic beat ’em up elements; The Captain and his crew do cap1S.H.I.E.L.D’s bidding. There are plenty of henchmen to dispatch, which Cap does physically with his hands, feet and shield. The attacks are automatic as soon as our hero gets within arms length of the baddies, and when enough damage is inflicted, the bad guy is vanquished. It goes both ways though, Cap and his crew have a set amount of damage they can sustain, too; Cap’s life bar is in the top left. Fortunately, there are health packs that help assuage a bit of damage. Movement is achieved via joystick or simply touching the screen you want Cap to move to. There are special powers, and Cap’s shield is a weapon in and of itself, and can be flung by swiping.

An interesting part of the game is the aforementioned crew. Success opens up more spots, and some are quite useful. The sniper, for instance, is able to take out the enemy from a distance, thereby neutralizing danger before it gets close. There are familiar bosses too, multiplayer functionality and upgradable equipment.

All in all, it’s a decent game, free to play, albeit for only two levels; to go on, one needs to unlock the game for $2.99.