Google’s Car Home App Drives to The Market to Get an Update

Google’s Car Home App Drives to The Market to Get an Update

Oct 4, 2010

This just in, “Google’s Car Home App rents studio with recently emancipated Gmail App: wild driving and uncontrollable emails ensue.”

Looks like another of Google’s Apps has left in pursuit of update happiness. The last app cub to leave the den was Google’s Gmail App bringing with it much needed updates. Following suit is Google’s Car Home App (you know, the steering wheel that gives you those gigantic square shortcuts) and it comes bearing gifts of customization.

In this updated version of Car Home you will notice a new feature entitled “Add shortcut.” As the name implies you can simply click on the icon and add whatever new shortcut allowed. You can also remove or re-position any of your shortcut icons with the ol’ long press-drag/drop function.

If that’s not enough customization for you then go ahead and press the “Settings” icon for a new list of options including the ability to set the Car Home wallpaper and icon color scheme. Before the update you could launch “Car Home” by opening the app directly from your phone or docking your phone in a car dock. Now with this new version you have the option to have “Car Home” launch automatically when your phone pairs with any Bluetooth device (look ma, no hands!).

Google has also added a “Car applications” category which will house all Car Mode compatible applications for easier discovery and access. The new version of Car Home is available in the Android Market for devices running Android 2.2 (I know, I know).

Source: Google Mobile Blog