Touch Racing 2 Arrives on Google Play

Touch Racing 2 Arrives on Google Play

Nov 27, 2014

Touch Racing 2, the supercharged sequel to Touch Racing Nitro, is not out on Android.

From the official press release:

Marvelous Europe and Genera Mobile have today released the iOS hit Touch Racing 2 for Android touch screen devices. With extreme speed cars, offroad vehicles and powerboats – the fast and furious arcade racer has everything a hot-rod gamer could desire.

The sequel to 2010’s hit Touch Racing Nitro, the game is the latest in the multi-title partnership between Marvelous and Spanish group Genera Mobile, creators of the multi-million downloaded RunBot and the mega-successful Disney Frozen Free Fall.

Touch Racing 2’s refined and intuitive ‘touch & drag’ interface is at the heart of a game anyone can learn in seconds, but with the skill, depth and strategy to keep players coming back for more.

“Touch Racing 2 brings the unforgettable gameplay of classic arcade racing games like Micro Machines or Super Sprint into the touchscreen era,” says Steven Tarry, Project Manager, Marvelous Games. “We’ve seen how successful the game has been on iOS, and we hope that Android gamers will love it too!”

“Creating Touch Racing 2 has been a fantastic experience,” says Gonzalo Santos, Lead Programmer. “We feel the game is suited perfectly to mobile devices, as you can play it in bite sized portions and still have a blast.”

Touch Racing 2 features:

• Race your way to the championship title in career mode
• Intuitive touch controls
• Compete online against Facebook friends & other competitors
• 150 performance upgrades
• Hundreds of customisation options – Neons/decals/tyretracks/paint and more!
• Responsible IAP

Touch Racing 2 is available for free (with in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.

[Source Marvelous Games Press Release]

RE-VOLT Classic Review

RE-VOLT Classic Review

Apr 29, 2013

Re-Volt Classic is another game that takes savvy players down memory lane. The reboot of the popular console racing game from the late 90’s just dropped for Android.

It is a game based on racing radio-controlled cars, old-school style, across different type of tracks and against computer-generated and controlled competitors.

One of the the games best attributes is the breadth of options. It boasted 42 different type of cars, with different types of attributes: size, handling, power-base and more. To make it more of a challenge, most had to be unlocked to be accessed in real races. There were more than two dozen different race tracks; vanity cruise ships, museums and evenrevolt1 what looked like a 21st century housing development.

There were several playing modes, including single mode, time trials, championship mode, practice and a surprisingly fun and challenging stunt mode. The gameplay itself wasn’t complex; once I got used to the touch controls, it was easy to really get into the racing. I thought the controls were fairly responsive, if a little tight by default. The tracks were varied, as pointed out, and there were some familiar elements, such as collectible power-ups which I could use on opponents, and of course, when collected by opponents, used on me. The hazards were natural; stuff like soccer balls and curbs could be helpful or dangerous. I couldn’t find a way to change the default difficulty level in the version I played.

I thought the game was decent graphically. It stayed relatively true to the original, and there were some great usages of color in the different environments, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that some scenes could be sharper. My biggest gripes, to be honest, had more to do from perhaps unfair comparisons to the original: no track editing and no multi-player functionality.

Still, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I was able to get a lot of enjoyment from it. For folks reminiscing, or those looking for a new handheld racing option, this game might fit the bill swimmingly.