Car Town Streets Review

Car Town Streets Review

Jun 23, 2014

Car Town Streets not only looks very nice, it is also a very decent and entertaining time management game where players need to rebuild a city, while building cars and racing with them. But, just as many other free-to-play titles out there, there is that damned paywall.


Car Town is a popular Facebook game, which made its way into iPhones more than a year ago. Now, the car-filled time and town management game hits Android in the same form as the iOS version, with all its pros and cons. In Car Town Streets, players are tasked with rebuilding an empty town with all kinds of shops and building different kinds of cars, so that they can race with them and assign them jobs (based on the placed buildings in the city). It’s actually a pretty decent game with a nice gameplay experience, mainly because of its addictive management nature.

Everything in Car Town Streets revolves around cars, as one might guess. So players need to search, find and build as many as possible to rebuild the town as quick as possible. Different buildings (like a pizza place) bring in jobs for the cars, so players can make some extra bucks. Others (like a garage) can fix cars or upgrade them, so they will do well in races. There are quite a few licensed cars in the game and one’s collection might get quite impressive.

That is, if the players of this game would have a lot of patience. Building something, anything, takes a tremendous amount of time. And sadly, the only way to get rid of those nasty time limits, is by paying real life money. The most troublesome fact is that the game eases players into spending cash on the game, by forcing them to use the thirty dollars worth of ‘free cash’, to speed up the process of the tutorial. So right from the start, players are – perhaps even unaware – confronted with the idea to speed everything up in the game. Seriously, why do developers keep on doing stuff like this? Yeah, maybe they get some quick bucks from impatient or gullible players, but in my opinion, that is just wrong. Let me be clear about something: with the idea of free-to-play is nothing wrong; even paying for stuff players might (think) they want, isn’t anything bad, at first. But this way, it goes too far in my opinion.

And, to be honest, that completly ruins the game for me. I understand that the concept of this game is mainly waiting and to get rid of that, players need to pay up. But that should be a choice, not something that is presented as an easy to use gameplay element.