Combat Monsters Review

Combat Monsters Review

Nov 14, 2013

Combat Monsters is a turn-based strategy game that involves the use of extras to win.

It has one of the most thorough tutorials I’ve come across, and it does do a great job of ensuring that the 8-step learner gives the right pointers with regards to how the game works. What the tutorials do reveal are some nice media elements. The whimsical characterization work within this type of fantasy warfare, with simple animations that are fun without being too distracting. The playing area is a battle stage that is set in a circle with chess-like squares that afford movement of the pieces.

The gameplay itself is card-based, and works with two teams in the single-player mode. Each player (in this case, my team versus the CPU) gets a potential team based around a “hero” that is the lead and summoner of other playing pieces. In this simple state, the gameplay is explained: one-side makes a move and/or attacks, and then the other comb1sides gets a turn, and so on and so forth, till one of the heroes is killed. When this occurs, the side with the losing hero loses the battle.

It’s the additional elements that add some major oomph to the play. The game uses “mojo” as in-game juice, and it can be used to summon and deploy extra fighters and attributes. Using these pieces judiciously is important, as different pieces have different qualities. there are different types of weapons, shields and other elements (like runes and elements).

The game comes in a multiplayer flavor as well, such that it is possible to have 6 players in the circle grid. Successful runs earn coins that can be used to purchase more stuff, which is great; it is important to procure better pieces to truly be successful. It is also possible to use real cash, which admittedly does become a temptation.

All in all, it’s a decent game for a nice price.