Card City Nights Review

Card City Nights Review

Mar 17, 2014

Card City Nights couples some Magic: The Gathering type gameplay with some of the oddest artwork yet seen on Android. Does it succeed?

Card City Nights has plenty of depth. Players take turns placing cards with varying numbers of arrows on their sides onto the board. Matching up three cards so all their arrows are connected forms a combo. Depending on what sort of cards are matched, the result might be an attack on an enemy’s life points or healing your own. Attacks can also disable an enemy’s card, rendering it useless or revive one of your own disabled cards, depending on what you match.

Screenshot_2014-03-17-03-54-59This already interesting gameplay is reinforced with a multitude of different card effects. Some cards might rotate or move themselves around the board each turn, or do extra damage when used in an attack Often the more powerful cards have quirks that make them more difficult to use and working around these effects is fun and strategic. Earning new cards is simple as well. For each opponent there is usually a weaker, easier opponent nearby who hands over booster packs of cards every time you defeat them. This makes building a good deck an easy, but skill based process.

Screenshot_2014-03-17-03-55-44Card City Nights is just packed with personality. There are an endless procession of amusing characters like suited turnips and drunk foxes with silly decks and amusing strategies to defeat and the dialogue manages to be insane and clever at the same time. The playing cards themselves constantly reference other games by the developer and there are heaps of imaginative and hilarious ones. Especially amusing was the appearance of the Frog Guard from Ittle Dew who actually moves up and down the board in card form just like the guard did in that game.

Card City Nights has excellent graphics. Best described as a mix between Mambo and Ren and Stimpy, the game looks fantastic with heaps of great little touches and funny artwork. Great stuff.

Soundwise the game is a lot simpler. Lacking voicework, most of the game is made up of inoffensive music and a few bangs and paper-y sounds. More could have been done with the sound.

Card City Nights is not an easy game. Making up several decks to deal with certain opponents will be all but required such as heavy attacking decks for more aggressive opponents. The game has no in app purchases whatsoever so winning games is all about skill and earning better cards. This is extraordinarily refreshing after the recent glut of obnoxious freemium games.

On the downside the interface can be a bit messy at times. while the button based interface for talking and the like is fine switching cards in and our of your deck is a bit clumsy and some filters for certain arrow combinations would be nice.

Card City Nights is an inventive, laugh a minute game full of great art, funny characters and compelling strategic action. For the price it is a must buy for any card game or strategy fan.