catchPlus Review

catchPlus Review

Dec 6, 2012

Being an observant person can get be a big benefit in life. Also, playing games to exercise the brain will keep the mind sharp.catchPlus is a find the difference game that can help keep the brain in tip-top shape. Two pictures are shown, one on the left and one on the right; there are very slight differences between the two. To be honest, it’s pretty hard.

catchPlus has three different modes; Classic Mode, Speed Mode, and Time Attack. Each mode has 4 differences to spot. Classic Mode is what one would expect when playing a find the difference game. Making the incorrect choice of where the difference is will delete time quicker.

To help, there are three different “lifelines” that can be uses 10 times each. The first is a question mark. This will show the exact location of one of the differences. The second adds all of the time back in the round. The third one is the shield. What the shield does is let’s the player touch anywhere on the screen where they think there might be a difference, but does not want time to disappear faster if they are incorrect.

The other modes are based on how quickly this stage can be completed. The faster the stages are completed, the more points and bonuses are achieved.

To add a social aspect to the game, catchPlus allows players to upload pictures from the Facebook account and turn them into a find difference level. This can make it a little more interesting because the image would be something a little more personal and not just some random picture.

Overall, the game was pretty good. Like I mentioned, it’s pretty difficult, so it will definitely exercise the mind. The thing I disliked was the music in between the levels and in the menu pages. It seemed really generic and very repetitive. For the testing, I turned it off after the first game.