Cat Basket Review

Cat Basket Review

Feb 4, 2014

Cat Basket features a crazy cat lady with a basket riding on a giant cat. More cats plummet form the top of the screen. The object, unsurprisingly is to catch the cats in your basket. The more cats grabbed in a row, the higher the score multiplier climbs. Besides the rain of pink felines dogs also inexplicably fall from the sky. Catching a dog in the basket or allowing it to fall onto the cat below injuries your cat transport. Missing three dogs ends the game. To avoid this tapping and holding the screen flips the basket over and turns it into a spiked barrier. If the dogs fall on this they are spiked away . Of course while the basket is flipped cats can’t be caught.

Screenshot_2014-01-31-11-47-21Besides the rain of cats and dogs healing items that restore a life can be caught and another sparkly item that has a random effect. It might starts a super heavy rain of cats or it might unleash a torrent of dogs or just give an extra life, among other things.

That is Cat Basket, its gameplay is very basic and it’s a simple game for anyone to play.

I personally would not recommend Cat Basket to kids however as I feel the violence against animals portrayed in it could be a bit much for younger players.

Screenshot_2014-01-30-19-15-44It is worth mentioning that Cat Basket features no microtransactions of any kind. While this is very welcome it also means that the game lacks the drive to upgrade skills or items, a common theme in many casual games of this type. Without new items or upgrades to unlock and work towards Cat Basket loses a fair bit of long term appeal. The game just doesn’t take advantage of the possibilities of mobile gaming.

Cat Basket is certainly eye catching. The game is a cornucopia of bright colors and smooth animation. The game’s simple yet slick presentation makes it inviting.

The sound, while cute and all can get very annoying. In particular the constant high pitched mews as you catch cats can get irritating very fast. It would be great if there was an option to disable this. The hyperactive music gets the job done however.

Cat Basket is decent enough for a free game. While it won’t win any awards it is still a game with no microtransactions and competent gameplay.