Caveboy Escape Review

Caveboy Escape Review

Mar 20, 2014

Caveboy Escape is an enjoyable combo-type puzzler.

It takes the match-3 paradigm, and tosses in some tile travel to create a fun series of puzzle situations. The tutorial does a fine job of walking players through the finer aspects of the gameplay. The successive playing areas are rectangular, and made up of smaller tiles. The tiles are of different colors seemingly randomly placed, and there are usually two special points, start tile (point A and an end tile (point B). Facilitating the escape means moving the avatar from point A (usually at the bottom of the screen) to point B (towards the top). cave1

Now, movement is guided by one major guideline: the avatar moves in steps of three tiles of the same color. So, to get from the beginning to the end, one has to find a set of three tiles (end on end or adjacent), and then another set of three, and so on and so forth, till you get to a tile that is adjacent to he end tile, from which escape can be made. Control is done by gesture swiping, and the playing piece can only move in the approved manner; if the move does not follow the rules in an attempted direction, the playing piece won’t move. Moves can be reversed when progress seemes impossible.

The first level or two are easy, and as mentioned, the tutorial plays a part. A quick visual look definitely helps to take stock of the situation and plan moves. Eventually, the gameplay gets harder, with layered puzzles and interesting angles like timed problems with potions as helpers. Levels can all be replayed, and getting the coveted three-star ranking is a huge goal.

Even with the extras, the game can feel a bit monotonous at times, but in short spurts, it is a fun, engaging time waster that is worth a look.