DriveSavers offers free data recovery for people affected by Hurricane Harvey

DriveSavers offers free data recovery for people affected by Hurricane Harvey

Aug 30, 2017

There are definitely quite a few things more important than material possessions; as Hurricane Harvey ravages parts of the United States — and as we recoil from the destruction and loss — we are equally uplifted by stories of heroism and neighborliness.

We are also seeing corporations step up to the plate, helping in anyway they can. Add data recovery firm DriveSavers to the list.

The company is offering to help recover data from water-damaged hard drives, smartphones, tablets, laptops and so on. This offer is available to all who are affected by the tropical storm.

DriveSavers president Scott Moyer talks about helping to retrieve priceless materials. “DriveSavers is known worldwide for recovering data from severely traumatized devices including those that have been dropped, burnt, crushed and fully submerged in water,” he says. “We’re pleased to offer our expertise to those who’ve lost irreplaceable data like photos and videos of loved ones, business files and financial records.”

According to the press release, folks do have to act relatively quickly; according to DriveSavers, this is to account for corrosion and the like. Devices and units must be shipped by September 15th. There is a one device per household limit, but DriveSavers is offering a discount to folks with more/advanced equipment.

The company promises to look to do as many pieces as it can, based on costs and available personnel.

[via DriveSavers Press Release]

Humble HandyGames Mobile Bundle is Live

Humble HandyGames Mobile Bundle is Live

Nov 30, 2016

Here at Android Rundown, we are huge fans of the Humble Bundle initiative. What’s there not to love? It’s an alternative app distribution model that allows for folks to pick a price and get a bunch of games. Better yet, proceeds from those sales go to charity.

Everybody wins, and everybody feels good winning.

Now, there is a new bundle out, and with this one, we get some fantastic games from reputable Android developer HandyGames.

Here’s how it goes, using the recently revamped tiered pricing system:

Pay what you want, and get premium versions of:

1941 Frozen Front
Aces of the Luftwaffe
Clouds & Sheep
Guns’n’Glory WW2

Want more? Well, $3+ gets a bunch more. Everything up above, plus::

Rocket Island
Ninja Hero Cats
Guns’n’Glory Zombies
Stage Dive Legends
Devils & Demons
Super Dynamite Fishing
Save The Puppies
1944 Burning Bridges

Finally, the big bucket… $5 or more gets everything above (14 games. 14!) PLUS:

1942 Pacific Front
Clouds & Sheep 2
Guns’n’Glory Heroes
Dynamite Fishing World Games

Not a bad haul.

As noted, these also support charities; this one helps out Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play.

Act fast; this one ends on December 5th.


[via Humble Mumble]

Humble Mobile Bundle 19 Brings Premium Games for $1+

Humble Mobile Bundle 19 Brings Premium Games for $1+

Jul 27, 2016

Well, it’s about time…

Humble Mobile Bundle is back — in its 19th iteration, no less. The famed “pay what you want” alternative app distribution model is no stranger to putting out popular premium applications, and its current offering continue the trend. One can get great games for a good price AND support some worthy charities… all in one fell swoop.

So… what’s up for grabs this time?

For a dollar ($1), one can get:

  • Chameleon Run
  • Ys Chronicles II
  • Hitman GO

Pay more than the current average ($4.95 at the time of writing), one also gets:

  • Punch Club
  • Super Stickman Golf 3
  • …plus more games that will be added further into the promotion.

Ah… but what if one wants to go even bigger? Well, $6 unlocks all of the above, PLUS:

  • Dropsy
  • The Banner Saga

That is up to $33 worth of games for $6… or more. One can choose one of two provided charities, or pick one’s own to give to.

But alas! Great things don’t last forever. HMB 19 is on now, and runs on through August 8th.


[via Humble Mumble]
[Our Chameleon Run review]
[Our Super Stickman Golf 3 Review]

Humble Bundle Launches “Choose Your Own Charity”

Humble Bundle Launches “Choose Your Own Charity”

Aug 28, 2015

Humble Bundle is reaffirming its commitment to transparency with a new initiative; now, users can pick a charity of their choice… from a pretty long list.

Humble Bundle is proud to announce that the Humble Store has now implemented a new feature which expands on Humble Bundle’s transparent, user-controlled approach to digital distribution. Starting today, customers are able to select a charity of their choice that will benefit from their purchase in the Humble Store. Previously, the choice was limited to a select amount of charities, but going forward, customers will now have the opportunity choose from a database of over 35,000 reputable U.S. and UK charitable organizations.

Since the store’s inception in 2013, 10% of all profits from the store have gone towards worthy charities and raised over $3 million to date from the store alone. Paypal Giving Fund, a non-profit that enables eBay users to benefit charities in a similar way, has made this possible as that is how charitable funds are transferred from the Humble community to the impressive number of reputable charities in the PayPal Giving Fund’s database.

“There are a wealth of amazing charities out there,” said Humble Bundle co-founder John Graham. “We don’t ever like saying no to great causes but in curating things ourselves, we find ourselves mainly picking larger nonprofits that have awesome established global brands that we think will resonate with our community as a whole. With this new feature, if parts of our community want to give aid to homeless shelters in San Francisco and others wish to provide fresh drinking water to Ethiopia, they can choose as they please.”

Head out to the Humble Store to check it out!


[via Humble Mumble Post]

Humble Mobile Bundle 6 gets less humble: three new games added!

Humble Mobile Bundle 6 gets less humble: three new games added!

Aug 14, 2014

About a week ago the generous souls at Humble Bundle bought out another grab bag of six games.


Eliss Infinity
Mines of Mars
Duet Premium
Combo Crew: Special Edition
Threes! (reviewed by AR).

Now three new games have been added to the bundle for discerning gamers.

Carmageddon (reviewed by AR).
Llamas With Hats
Time Surfer (reviewed by yours truly.)

With three games available for a buck or less if you wish and all NINE available for the current (as of time of writing) average price of just $4.52, there is no excuse to not be on your phone 24/7. Show your Android pride and grab them now.

Always remember you can choose where your money goes including to the Child’s Play Charity. Give generously so sick kids can enjoy the gift of gaming as well.

Alternately, you can donate to the EFF who protect the rights of the everyman online. Regardless of who you give to you can’t go wrong with nine games for $4.52.

Sidekick Cycle Review

Sidekick Cycle Review

May 30, 2014

Sidekick Cycle is a fun simple game that adds idealism to the mix.

As far as the gameplay goes, it’s quite easy to pick up, and that is a testament to the game’s design ethic; the game is all about riding a bike, somewhat downhill, and making the time split. In addition to making time, there are gold coins that line the travel way that can be collected by contact. There are also obstacles (like boulders) that need to be avoided by jumping over them, and also some special gear pieces that also can be collected.

The controls are about as easy as it gets: tap to jump. Timing is of a premium, as jumping to early can cause collisions and even mess up the equilibrium of the bike, which, in turn, can cause a run-ending crash.

There are several worlds, which are different run environments, and each provides a unique feel. Success in one side5opens up the next, and the same applies to the individual runs that make up each environment; they are locked till a preceding one is successfully completed. As the game proceeds, other elements are added… things like bonus-laden sidekicks and such. There are plenty of upgrades that can be purchased with accumulated gold, and real cash can be used to supplement this.

The graphics do a good job of conveying the gameplay; the worlds are differentiated through layout, and there is a lot of attention paid to the little stuff like perspective and light play. The animations are a bit stilted, but they work, and even the tumbles have a good degree of realism to them, with the physics and such.; the 2D renderings are simple but effective. I think the characters kid be a bit more polished, though.

One thing that sets the game apart is the social initiatives of the developer, who is/are committed to providing bicycles to people in communities that otherwise cannot afford them when an in-app purchase is made. Such altruism is laudable and is worth mentioning.

All in all, it’s fun game with scaled difficulty that can be tough to put down. And it supports a cause; we can play and feel good doing so.

Contribute Small Change To a Charity of Your Choice With One Cent Call

Contribute Small Change To a Charity of Your Choice With One Cent Call

Mar 18, 2014

One Cent Call 4

It could seem like nothing to you, but charities are all about small contributions. One Cent Call allows you to set a certain amount to be set to a charity, or charities you want, every time you make a call. There’s no banking involved, the money go directly from your pocket (via your phone bill) to a charity. The app is available for free here: One Cent Call on Google Play.

IndieGala Launches an Android Bundle of Their Own to Support Indie Developers and Charity

IndieGala Launches an Android Bundle of Their Own to Support Indie Developers and Charity

Jun 20, 2012

The Humble Bundle aren’t the only bundle game in town, and they’re not the only Android indie bundle around either. Now IndieGala has launched a bundle of indie Android games to help support charity and indie developers.

The games include the 3D turn-based strategy game Great Little War Game from Rubicon Development. Skyhronics Entertainment has included their cute matching puzzle game Smiles HD. Coke and Code has included the Android version of Legends of Yore, the most multiplatform roguelike this side of Nethack. Finally, there’s Cardinal Quest, the PC fast-paced roguelike from Tame Tick which recently made its mobile debut, and features music from indie musician and developer Whitaker Trebella. Those who donate more than the average will get the PC versions of the games where available, 3 additional PC games, the Cardinal Quest OST, and a pair of indie soundtracks.

Proceeds can go toward IndieGala, the developers, AbleGamers (a charity to help those with disabilities play games), and to support the Italian Red Cross in recovery efforts in the earthquake-stricken Emilia Romagna region. The bundle offer ends at 6AM GST Saturday morning.