Chasing Yello Review

Chasing Yello Review

Jan 16, 2013

Fish are slippery and hard to catch especially when they’re trying to get away from crazy little kids. Yello is a fish in a bowl who doesn’t want to be in the bowl anymore. He wants to be freeeeee! When the chance was presented, he made a leap of faith and headed upstream. To his dismay, the crazy little girl chased him.

To control Yello, there is a combination of on-screen controls and tilting the device. He will jump, dive or swim left and right. In his escape path, there are rocks and other obstacles to avoid. This is where the maneuvering comes in. Some obstacles like logs can be swam under while others like rocks need to be jumped. While swimming and try to avoid obstacles, stars need to be acquired. Some of the stars or above water and is accessible while jumping obstacles. Other stars are underwater so Yello needs to dive to get them.

The stars are used to purchase different upgrades. Different characters can be purchased like Pinky. Pinky is a little bit faster and tougher than the Yello is. Other upgrades such as a rocket or magnets will help with the escape. Another good to be purchased the stars is what they call utilities. Utilities are things like head start. The longest headstart is from 1000 m away. Having started this far away will definitely help take some of the stress off being chased.

Stars can also be earned by using the in game purchasing system or liking them on Facebook.

At this point the game it gets pretty fast-moving and they also introduce different obstacles such as polar rocks they can be jumped over. The levels change a little so it’s not always possible to memorize what is coming next on the river. The Chasing Yello give the appearance of being a children’s game can be quite difficult to get quite a ways down the river away from the creepy English girl.