Draughts Online Free Review

Draughts Online Free Review

Jan 15, 2015

Draughts (AKA Checkers) games aren’t exactly uncommon on Android, but it is hard to argue with the promise of free multiplayer. Does Draughts Online Free deliver on this promise?

Draughts Online Free is a basic Draughts game. There are no difficulty settings but at least the AI is passable and plays a decent game of Draughts. There are multiple versions of the game as well which is nice. What’s missing though is the option to enable or disable forced captures. Some people do not play with this rule, so this is a strange omission. Russian, Brazilian, Spanish and International variants are available. There is also an additional variant interestingly called Suicide. This one tasks players with losing as fast as possible. the first one to lose or their pieces or have no moves available wins!

Screenshot_2015-01-13-05-13-07Draughts Online Free
plays a decent game of Draughts, at least offline. As said above The AI makes a decent opponent although it does seem very aggressive and there are no difficulty settings to speak of.

As for the lauded multiplayer, I couldn’t get the game to connect once. I attempted to do so over both my home Wi-Fi and 4G, and neither worked. Every time I attempted to play online the game got stuck at a “connecting” message forever. If the phone enters sleep mode it aborts connecting and shows an ad when you unlock it.

To add insult to injury, the one time it seemed to get past “establishing connection” another message appeared telling me I had lost without even playing and an ad popped up. That’s right; the only noteworthy feature of this game fails to work. Hopefully this is rectified at some point in the future.

Screenshot_2015-01-13-05-03-25Without working multiplayer there is just little reason to pick this app over other, better Checkers apps. There are many other board games on Android such as Ludo and Chess games which work just fine online, so there is little excuse.

On the bright side, the game contains no IAP. There are ads displayed after games, but this is reasonable and there are no annoying ad banners or other elements to get in your way while playing.

Graphically, Draughts Online Free is very basic for a Draughts game. While it looks fine as Checkers games go, there are no interesting little touches like alternate boards or pieces, which are a common sight in other Android board games, such as Ludo Master. The highlight for selecting pieces is also needlessly hard to see and the game’s menus look cheap. The only sound is a clicking sound when selecting items.

Draughts Online Free could have been a decent, if basic game, but the broken multiplayer defeats the purpose of playing and there are other more fully featured Draughts games on Android.

Hexxagon Review

Hexxagon Review

Jul 18, 2011

Shapes are quite often a spectacular source of gaming fun. Where would we be without triangles, squares, oblongs and other space sealing two dimensional objects? Nothing would make sense, we’d be left flailing around in the dark, the simple pleasures of gaming stripped cruelly away from us. The latest shape set to rock our worlds, albeit this time for the second time round, is the hexagon. Or rather, the Hexxagon. Even though that’s not actually a thing.

Hexxagon is an Android re-envisioning of the old PC classic. A mixture of puzzle and board game, it’s sort of draughts meets bejewelled, with a splash of strategy thrown in for good measure. The aim of the game is to cover a grid in hexagonal tiles of your colour.

You can move one tile each round, either by jumping it two spaces, or sliding it into an empty, adjacent space to make a new tile. Any counters of the opposing colour that are adjacent to your piece when it stops moving are converted to your colour. The game ends when you or your opponent are in such a position that the other has no chance of turning the game back into their favour.

There are plenty of differently shaped grids to play through, and the AI whilst not rampnatly intelligent is certainly smart enough to put up a decent fight. The game is a little bit old fashioned in its presentation, with outdated menus and a graphical style which, whilst not offensive, could do with a bit of spit and polish.

Hexxagon is a fun and interesting puzzle game that offers something a little bit different to the usual connect-three model that’s so popular at the moment. It requires a bit more thought and a bit less action, but that’s no bad thing. Sometimes the oldies are the best, and this is a fine example of a retro-remake done right.