SpaceChem Mobile Review

SpaceChem Mobile Review

Nov 14, 2012

Chemistry isn’t a fun subject for many people, myself included. However, when it’s more of a puzzle game than a subject in school chemistry can be a bit more fun. One of the reasons people dislike chemistry so much, is because it’s really challenging.SpaceChem is not an easy game to learn by any means, kind of like chemistry.

SpaceChem is a game where different elements are made through a user-created automated mechanism. That’s where the puzzle part comes into the picture. There are a several different things needed to make the mechanism. There needs to be a starting point and an end of course. There is also a part that picks up the molecule and another to drop it off.

When moving a single molecule, the process is pretty easy. When making something like water, the process gets more complicated. That’s why there are 2 different mechanisms that need to be placed in the right spots to mesh well with each other and create a full element.

The tutorial is REALLY helpful in explaining the process. Once the tutorial is done, the process still takes a little bit of getting used to. However, after a few times through, it’s not too bad. The way SpaceChem works is the two waldos or mechanisms need to be in sync with each other to create the correct element. If things are just a little bit off, different molecules be dropped in the wrong location. Believe me, it’s really fun try to figure out where the molecules need to interact and play with speed and shape of the waldos. I would recommend watching the video below to get an idea of what all my rambling means. It’s kind of a hard game to explain, and really needs to be played to be understood and enjoyed.