Micro Machines Review

Micro Machines Review

Sep 30, 2016

We always have time for a game like Micro Machines.

It’s a fun game with an old-school look and feel, which shouldn’t be too surprising given its roots. It packs in an admirably toy-ish ambience with plenty of smooth animations.

At launch, one is invited into the tabletop worlds, and gets some basics.

Next, it’s time to assemble the car using the provided parts; this isn’t too complex, as it involves dragging the components into their logical place. Then it’s time to race.

Racing is definitely where the fun is at. As a player, your car gets dropped onto one of the aforementioned tabletop tracks, and the biggest objective is steering. This is done with the virtual buttons on either side of the screen, which take a touch or two to get used to (be careful; don’t oversteer!), but is effective. There are several ways to sabatoge oneself, so it pays to be careful.

There are three modes to pick from: random, race and battle. The first race I got into was basic: player vs 3 game UI cars, make it to the finish line first. Nitro, gold coins and gems to collect.


After the initial race (and earning some valuable gems), you can then procure a pack, which contains car parts and a mystery prize. Extra pieces become spares which are good for future trades.

After that first, get-your-feet race, the action ratchets up even further. One can choose do do some battle, taking on opponents with weapons, kind of like a demolition derby. Eventually, better virtual hardware might be needed — hence the packs — and one can use the collected coins to improve the attributes of the vehicle, with gems having the ability too speed things up. Then, after a car has been improved, one can then add mods to be more effective in battle.

The game incorporates league play for bragging rights; there is a rent-a-car system, boosts and more — keep a lookout for some interesting Hasbro nods further on

Micro Machines is a bit more than just a blast from the past, even if it does that very well. It manages to be fun and challenging at the same time, melding battling with straight racing. It doesn’t get overly complex, and the multiplayer function makes it a whole lot easier to get addicted to.

Micro Machines Comes to Android

Micro Machines Comes to Android

Sep 27, 2016

A blast from the past…

Micro Machines has new life… on Android via Google Play courtesy of entrenched mobile developer Chillingo.

Micro Machines pays tribute to the original toy-based series with a miniature multiplayer combat adventure with a lot of fun features. The best news is that Codemasters, creators of the original, are still front and center in this port.

Four players can play, and there are several tracks with different locations players can pick from. There are literally dozens of vehicles, and just as many weapons to choose from. G.I. Joe is represented in vehicular fashion — Cobra RAGE… Hello! — and even NERF blasters to procure.

One choose from a host of small-scale vehicle types: emergency vehicles, SUVs… even hovercraft.

Leaderboards, events, battle arenas. Check, check and CHECK.

All this goodness is available for free (plus optional in-app purchases) on the Play Store. Check out the trailer:

Puzzle Craft 2 Launches on Google Play

Puzzle Craft 2 Launches on Google Play

Jan 28, 2016

ATGames and Chilingo have brought a new game to Android… this one a sequel called Puzzle Craft 2.

Farm crops, excavate mines, scour the seas and transform emerging settlements into bustling towns for your workers. Discover new species and resources as you explore this magical island and venture out to sea in search of supplies and long lost treasures. Rule over many settlements at once and grow a mighty empire in the biggest Puzzle Craft adventure yet!

Over 40 puzzles to unlock and discover new resources waiting to be crafted into useful tools.

Tons of quests, challenges, treasures, trophies and more to find and complete.

Rank your empire with friends and compete in Royal Quests.

The game is free-to-play on Google Play.

Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops Review

Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops Review

Jul 27, 2015

Simple, fun games like Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops are just what one needs to make it through that hard stretch in the day. On paper, at least.

The graphical representation is interesting; it is pretty whimsical in nature, with an adjusted top down view, which helps with the controls. Not too much of the landscape is given a way, which serves a purpose with regards to gameplay. The artwork is vivid, with rich colors and a hint of perspective, and the animations are relatively smooth.

As far as the action goes, in this one, the idea is to go out and conquer. As noted, one controls a soldier from up above, tapping on the screen to get the soldier to move to that area. Our little guy is equipped with a gun too, and this is useful against marauding enemy troops, who general shoot in lieu of civil conversation. Each soldier is equipped with a lifebar, so fire fights are really wars of attrition.


The game evolves into more complex RPG fare as progress is made; the enemy soldiers get smarter with more sophisticated weapons and tactics. To combat this, one needs to collect upgrades and other goodies which help with both survival and lethal efficacy. Things like grenades and missile launchers come into play, and the developer is cogent enough to toss in atypical survival segments to break up any monotony. If all goes well, and the player is able to hold his own, he leads his troops to the rally point, and the level is done; with success comes payouts, and this in-game currency can be used to upgrade gear or recruit new members to the squad, which is a key aspect with regards to going far.

It all comes together as a leveled game presented as missions, with the expected increases in difficulty as one moves on. it is simple, and easy to get into and enjoy.

I think the mechanics of gameplay with regards to grouped squadrons is a bit illogical; some ability to divide and conquer would have been nice.

Still, for an action game, Tiny Troopers 2: Special Ops is a fun adventure.

Chillingo Launches New Game Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble on Google Play

Chillingo Launches New Game Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble on Google Play

Jun 4, 2015

Chillingo has a new game on tap; this one is an arcade caper called Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble.

The true king of thieves is back in business!

Luckless burglar Bob is up to his old tricks again in Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble.
Sneak around security guards, past patrolling pensioners and evade cunning traps as you try to get your sticky mitts on as much loot as possible.
Robbery Bob 2: Double Trouble Features:
The man of steal is back! – and he’s landed himself in all sorts of trouble. Help Bob plan a wedding for a mobster’s daughter, stop Dr. Thievious’ devious plans and find out if aliens really do exist?
60 new levels of lootin’ fun! ­– What goodies will you loot as you sneak around the streets of Playa Mafioso, Shamville and Seagull Bay?
Hide and Seek – Sneak around on tip-toe, hug walls to stay out of sight, make noise to distract guards and, if you’re caught red handed, get out of there quick!
Old Bob, New Tricks – Use RC Cars, Teleportation Mines and tons of new gadgets to help Bob get out of a tight squeeze.
Suited and looted – Sneak in style with a variety of outfits from Cassie’s Costume Rental service.

The game is priced at $2.99; we also have a trailer below:

Hero Pop Launches on Google Play

Hero Pop Launches on Google Play

May 6, 2015

Chillingo seems to intend to keep us busy with new games, and you know what? We are not complaining. New on the docket: an interesting match and tap game called Hero Pop.

Rescue your cloud friends by popping them out of the sky in Hero Pop!

Pirates have captured your friends and trapped them inside balloons! Stick a pin in those pirate’s pesky plans and rescue your friends by launching your own balloons to match the colors and pop them out the sky.

Match five or more balloons of the same color to create super balloons with incredible balloon popping powers and unlock power-ups that can zap and burst any obstacles in your way.

Journey from cloud to cloud, across hundreds of challenging levels on an exciting quest to save your balloon-bound buddies and become the hero you know you are!

Hero Pop Features:
• Match balloons to complete objectives and save your friends
• More than 100 levels of balloon poppin’ fun!
• Explore a colorful world above the clouds through exciting theme-parks, winter wonderlands, and much more
• Create Super Balloons and use Power-Ups to blow up big chain combos
• Connect with Facebook to rank your progress, send and receive lives and keys with your friends
• Carry your progress over to another device using Facebook
• Earn bonus coins and power-ups each day with Daily Bonuses

The game is free to try on Google Play.

The Official NBA Quiz Arrives on Android

The Official NBA Quiz Arrives on Android

Dec 2, 2014

The Official NBA Quiz is on Android courtesy of Chillingo.

Dubbed as the “ONLY Official NBA Quiz on the Google Play Store,” the app looks to test NBA fans on their knowledge of related trivia.

Choose your most beloved NBA franchise and step out onto the court to test your basketball knowledge. Answer thousands of multiple-choice questions correctly and quickly to turn your basketball expertise into slam-dunks. Only real fans need apply!
NBA Official Quiz combines the speed and strategy of the real game as you test your NBA knowledge against your friends, and other players around the world, in real time.
NBA Official Quiz Features:
• The only truly official NBA Quiz game on the Google Play Store
• Pick your favorite from 30 licensed NBA teams, customize your players with official NBA kits before heading out to play on iconic courts
• Over 6,000 multiple choice questions spanning decades of NBA history, famous teams, players, matches and more
• Online competitive multiplayer that puts your knowledge against other NBA fans
• Compete against other players to put your favorite team at the top of the leaderboards each week
• Play offline and refresh your NBA knowledge in Practice Mode”

The game is available for free (with in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.

Duck Destroyer Launches on Android Courtesy of Chillingo

Duck Destroyer Launches on Android Courtesy of Chillingo

Nov 18, 2014

New game Duck Destroyer is now on Android courtesy of Chillingo.

The game takes a fox’s search for dinner and transforms it into a cutscene-driven arcade-type shooter

When hunger strikes, grab a shotgun and put some dinner on the table. Look down the sights and put those sharpshooting skills to the test as you blast flocks of ducks out of the sky.

From slingshots to rail guns, dynamite to robots – there’s nothing this duck destroyer won’t use to get his paws on a delicious meal. Load up on power-ups in the store and come out guns blazing!

A simple errand to fetch dinner takes this fox on an adventure that’s out of this world! Chart his incredible journey as he’s plucked from his humble home and thrown into the Arctic and beyond in fully-animated cut-scenes.

Duck Destroyer is available for free (with in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.

Pixel People Lands On Android

Pixel People Lands On Android

Oct 21, 2014

Chillingo is no stranger to Android game publishing, and has just dropped a new on the Play Store called Pixel People.

From the press release:

Welcome to the world of Utopia where YOU create the city and the residents.

Greet new clones at the arrival center, then find them a place in your new world. Splice the genes of your residents and combine their skills to create new Pixel People to join your thriving city.

You’ll have your hands full as the mayor of Utopia with over 280 Pixel People waiting to be discovered and more than 100 buildings to fill your futuristic city with. Time to get splicing!

The game is available for free (with in-app purchasing) on the Play Store.


Chillingo Launches Modern Command on Android

Chillingo Launches Modern Command on Android

Sep 30, 2014

Prolific game publisher Chillingo is at it again, this time with a new game Modern Command. The game looks to be a strategy game that highlights the development of a global force to combat terror.

Per the informational:

From the makers of Robbery Bob: Man of Steal, build a world-class global protective force and eliminate the terrorist threat in Modern Command!

Battle against the armies of tyrannous villains and conquer glorious 3D battlefields throughout the world. Research new defenses, deploy cunning strategies and put your mettle on the line as you lead the fight for global security.

Fend off terrorist threats around the world using touch controls to give you full control on each 3D battlefield and call in special ordinances to change the odds of war in your favour!

The game is available for free (with in-app purchases) on the Google Play Store.

Chillingo Releases New Game Incredible Jack

Chillingo Releases New Game Incredible Jack

Aug 14, 2014

Prolific Android game publisher Chillingo is back with yet another new title; this one is called Incredible Jack.

In this platformer, Jack (a “timbergrote”) is our mythical protagonist, and looks to be reunited with his loved ones and defeat the enemy and seven bosses.

Per the press release:

Reunite Jack with his loved ones in this classic platformer. Follow a trail of shiny golden coins through treetops, leap across overflowing lavapits, and bounce on anything in your way. With all sorts of dangers and surprises waiting for him across 37 levels, Jack’s journey will see him live up to his incredible title.

The trailer (posted below) hints at a delightfully atypical platform game that incorporated different scenery and plt tools. The graphics look robust, and one gets the feeling that the obstacles are a bit “smarter” than average.

Incredible Jack is currently available on the Play Store for $0.99 (with additional option in-app purchases).

Fightback Review

Fightback Review

Jul 29, 2014

Fightback puts the player in the bloodstained shoes of Jack a hard ex-soldier whose sister has been kidnapped by Drago, a mysterious figure from his past. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue Jack’s sister?

Screenshot_2014-07-24-19-51-11Fightback nails the old school Beat ‘Em Up vibe perfectly. Jack, the stone cold badass, makes his way through seedy locales such as trashy apartment buildings and dirty rooftops and bashes up mohawked punks and guys in leather jackets who shout at him. While doing this he wears a dirty white singlet, aviator sunglasses and jeans. It feels exactly like the kind of world found in classic fighters like Final Fight and Streets of Rage and the sweaty, dirty atmosphere is tangible. You half expect Jack to get into a Dodge Challenger and light up a smoke at the end of each level.

Combat is loads of fun in Fightback and very fluid. Taps punch, while swipes kick. A series of taps or swipes executes a combo and they can be mixed up any which way. Jacks position when you attack also affects what happens, so swiping up after ducking to avoid a punch results in a jumping knee while swiping behind Jack executes a nasty back kick. When the game’s rolling along with multiple enemies in screen it’s a dynamic mix of frantic dodging and brutal looking punches and kicks

Screenshot_2014-07-24-20-29-01Enemies can be kicked into the air and pummelled like makeshift piñatas. Lowlifes come from both sides constantly, so the player must decide whose blood gets on their knuckles first. Like any good Beat ‘Em Up, weapons like bats and cleavers are dropped by enemies that can be used. Guns also play a small part in Fightback. Shooting a punk in the face is undoubtedly an excellent way of stopping him from attacking you, but guns can only be bought between levels and are extremely expensive.

Fightback has a lot of freemium features. The game constantly bugs you to spend money on temporary buffs like bulletproof vests but money is much better spent on boosting stats. Jack starts off rather weak and boosting both his defense and attack strength is vital to surviving the crowds of enemies in later levels. Upgrades get pricey in a hurry and the game never seems to award quite enough money to play the game properly. Repeating earlier, already beaten floors isn’t just a good idea, it’s required.

Fightback also includes a dreaded energy system. Jack can handle six fights before having to rest for about an hour to refill his energy. This never changes. If Figthback dumped its energy system it would improve the game immensely.

Fightback looks fantastic. As said above, it nails the 80’s action movie style and there is a great sense of atmosphere and personality. The sound is very well done as well. Pumping action music and painful sounding combat really make Fightback special.

Fightback is yet another quality game trapped in the mire of freemium. It has some super fun gameplay on offer and players who can look past its annoying freemiuem features will find some smooth exciting gameplay.