Action Launcher Pro Review

Action Launcher Pro Review

Apr 11, 2013

For true Android heads, Chris Lacy is a trusted name. The developer who brought us Tweet Lanes is well-respected, and the quality of his work was on full display in that Twitter client.

Thus, it’s hard to not want to review his sophomore effort, Action Launcher Pro. It is another third-party launcher looking to give folks with different Android skins a seamless method of device handling.

I liked the opening process; I was prompted to import settings from my current launcher, and I noted it created a template with the same number of pages and the unique home wallpaper I used in the old.

One of Action Launcher’s admitted goals was to breathe new life into widgets, and consequently, make navigation quicker and action1more enjoyable. By making swiping and multiple uses of iconography to invoke different outcomes an integral part of its process, I thought it did a decent job of accomplishing that.

One of the first things I noted and came to think of as close to indispensable was the Quickdrawer. It was a slide-in shelf of functionality that sort of mimicked a supercharged start menu for all my apps listed alphabetically. By default, a quick swipe to the left of my leftmost pulled it up. On my device, the scrolling was smooth.

The real eyebrow puller for me was a dual-edged feature set present in the current build called Shadows and Covers. Covers was similar to the folder system a lot of Android users are used to. Shutters was a little different, and quite awesome. it allowed me to swipe and invoke widgets for widget-ready apps. It even allowed me to configure them from the icon.

Pretty nifty.

This app also packed in a lot of the features most users would expect; the ability to hide apps, re-sizing widgets, play around with the dock and more. It did all this without feeling bloated. I wish folks on ICS and below had access to this (as well as a free stripped down version for price-conscious app shoppers), but I think it is a good value.

Another exceptionally functional app from Chris Lacy… but what else is new?