Hulu improves Chromecast usage support and more via update

Hulu improves Chromecast usage support and more via update

Jun 28, 2017

Hulu is on a roll of late, what with the expansion of its services with regards to live TV and what not. For folks who look to stream the service with Chromecast, the app has improved the way it handles casting.

Now, users can use the app in landscape with Chromecast, which allows for an arguably more natural feel; previosly, the app casted in only portrait orientation.

The changelog also notes improved error messaging during playback, play progress now available on smart start tiles in Details, usability improvements and bug fixes.

The app remains free on Google Play.

Cartoon Network app adds Chromecast compatibility

Cartoon Network app adds Chromecast compatibility

May 20, 2017

Cartoon Network for Android is adding some key functionality — the ability to be used via Google’s Chromecast.

Now, folks can easily stream Cartoon Network shows wirelessly from a Chromecast-compatible app to a big screen.

Easy peasy.

The new update also brings 40 new stickers; the stickers are based on familiar CN characters and related content.

The Cartoon Network app is free (with a qualifying cable subscription).


BET-Branded App Comes to Chromecast

BET-Branded App Comes to Chromecast

Oct 10, 2016

BET has just launched a Chromecast-ready app for fans that make use of Google’s streaming dongle.

BET NOW (as the streaming application is known) allows subscribers to access BET’s stable of shows, and its release is right in time for the Fall premiere of some of its host networks shows.

BET Networks Executive Vice President and Digital Chief Kay Madati mentions BET’s commitment to cross platforms. “We are proud to add Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku streaming devices to our ever-growing portfolio of BET Digital offerings and in turn expand our TV Everywhere footprint,” he says. “As a leader in the digital space this expansion is an example of our commitment to hyper-engage our multiplatform users and audience with premium linear and digital content whenever and wherever on the devices and platforms they choose and love, in new, innovative, and seamless ways.”

The app is available on Chromecast now, and is free to folks who access BET through individual cable subscriptions.

NBC app gets Chromecast Compatibility

NBC app gets Chromecast Compatibility

Mar 3, 2016

The NBC Android application is getting better with Chromecast compatibility, which comes to it via update.

Thus, fans of current NBC shows have another way to project them onto bigger screens.

The NBC App for Android devices now works with Google Chromecast offering greater flexibility to fans of hit shows like “Blindspot,” “The Blacklist,” “The Voice,” “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” “Saturday Night Live” and many more. In addition to complete seasons of popular current series like “Superstore” and “Chicago Med,” the app offers hundreds of episodes of classic shows including “Miami Vice” and access to a live stream from local NBC stations in select markets.

The app remains free for NBC cable subscribers.

Hasbro Unveils Chromecast-Ready Apps Just in Time for the Holidays

Hasbro Unveils Chromecast-Ready Apps Just in Time for the Holidays

Nov 24, 2015

We really love Google’s casting solution a lot, even if we admit that it is only held back by the relatively few apps that are made for it. Well, Hasbro is doing its glorious part to ensure the gap is filled with some games that are compatible.

With the holidays and New Year’s Eve upon us, bite size versions of favorite games are now designed for the big screen with Chromecast compatibility to entertain a household full of guests.

Players can sync their device with a friend’s device and globetrot around the animated 3D board in the all new Monopoly Here & Now game or freeze an opponent’s die and rack up points while playing the updated version of the classic Yahtzee game in Blitz Mode. With faster gameplay features, the newest Chromecast-enabled games to launch this month include Catch Phrase Blitz, Monopoly Here & Now, Yahtzee Blitz, The Game of Life, RISK and Scrabble Blitz

Sounds fascinating, and we can’t wait to see how the games translate to the big(ger) screen.


Ludo Cast Review: a Chromecast Experience

Ludo Cast Review: a Chromecast Experience

Oct 1, 2015

Back when I was a kid, we didn’t have these type of toys we got today. I grew up with the “normal” batch of toys: Legos, soccer balls… the occasional catapult. I also had a soft spot for board games; a soft spot that remains to this day. I have fond memories of playing games with family and friends on the dining table.

Good times.

A special place in my heart is reserved for Ludo — the circle and cross game of international renown. It gets the ludo3Chromecast treatment in Ludo Cast .

The game layout will be familiar to folks who’ve played the traditional form: a general cross layout, with four player yards in different colors (red, blue, yellow and green) and matching hinge bases. Each yard has 4 playing tokens that match the yard color. In this version of the game, the paths from yard to home base are splashed with color and such… more on that later.

The game allows for action between player and AI in combination, from 1-4 players. Movement is determined by virtual dice roll. The main idea is to navigate all four of one’s pieces from home to endzone BEFORE any opponents.

It translates well, with a bunch of variations that make it quite interesting, like color-coded advancements. Staples like sending an opponent’s piece hinge and rolling a 6 to get out are present. The color-coding does make for a very, very busy board. A multiplayer functionality (across devices) would be great, but I wonder how feasible that would be within the Chromecast framework.

The audio is lighthearted (rolling said 6 elicits a cheery “Hallelujah” for instance), but feels a bit repetitive in places. The virtual dice roll feels realistic enough.

Overall, it is fun in that it allows itself to think outside the box, but not so much as to end up being strange.

Chromecast App Gets Android M Support and More via Update

Chromecast App Gets Android M Support and More via Update

Sep 30, 2015

It’s been a good day for Chromecast fans, future and present; for the latter, the Chromecast companion app is getting an update.

Say YAY to Android M support.

Per the Google Play page:


• What’s On: Browse popular and featured content from your favorite cast-enabled apps.
• Devices: Personalize backdrop with Facebook and Flickr photo albums and control (play, pause & change volume) all your Chromecast devices.
• Get Apps: Discover new offers and cast-enabled apps from content partners, through our curated and merchandised experience.
• Search: Find where you can cast your favorite movies and TV shows.
• Support for:
• All new Chromecast devices
• Android M

We checked out Chromecast hardware a while back; check out our review.

MONOPOLY Dash for Chromecast Review

MONOPOLY Dash for Chromecast Review

Jun 28, 2015

We love Chromecast.

There really isn’t a reason to be bashful. Still, we’d be lying if we didn’t wish for more Chromecast-based games. there are a few, but Google Play can definitely use more.

Enter MONOPOLY Dash… the merge of the iconic game and Google’s streaming gadget.

Now, it deviates quite a bit from traditional Monopoly. The board retains the general form, with the same color-coded properties plus railroads and utilities along with luck cards and tax spots, jail, etc. all in their proper places. After that, we get a different playing mechanism. In this one, getting properties of the same color is still key, but there is less of an emphasis on property names, as there is almost no need. When playing as a single player against the game AI, the property cards are randomly dealt evenly to the 4 players, and the turns go in clockwise manner, and the general idea is to guess what the other players have so as to appropriate those cards, so that one get get all the cards in a color group.


To explain further, after the cards are dealt, one might find that they possess two light blue properties (for the Monopoly aficionados, that could correspond to any two of Oriental, Vermont and Connecticut Avenues). The idea would be to get the missing light blue card as quickly as possible to complete the set. To do this, one selects another of the players and guesses which one has it. If the guess is wrong, the next player goes; if the guess is correct the player would, in this case, complete the set, and earn one-time cash payments for the hotels that are automatically built on the owned properties.

From this, the entire game concept sprouts; there is some strategizing to be done: watching guesses to glean who has what cards, mentally chronicling the amount of cards left so as to maximize guessing probability, and so on. It isn’t monopoly, but has enough of it in its DNA to make it familiar. Jail and chance cards make an appearance. When all the sets have been matched, the player with the highest dollar value in total wins, which points to the underlying theme which is the same for “real” Monopoly: sometimes, going for the highest value properties makes the most sense.

As a Chromecast dependent game, the streaming aspect is probably the most favorable. Multiplayer via TV is a nice feature, and the bright coloration translates well. One the one hand, I think a non-Chromecast option would be nice, but it is hard to complain about about dongle-based options.

Chromecast Offers Free Google Play Movie Rental

Chromecast Offers Free Google Play Movie Rental

Jun 14, 2015

Chromecast is doing movie night.

For content streamers, Chromecast is the gift that keeps giving. Checking for promotions is an enjoyable pastime for some (including this writer), and one of the current promotions is indeed interesting.

Chromecast owners can get a free movie rental on Google Play; this allows users of the streaming dongle to pick from a wide choice of thousands of movies.

To redeem the offer, Chromecast users in supported locales can simply connect to their dongles and select the promotion; as with regular movie rentals, folks have 30 days from the day od redemption to watch a movie.

Users have till April 19, 2016 to redeem this offer.

We’ve really enjoyed Chromecast since its launch, and have even taken time to look at some of the games available to it. It’s clear that the little piece looks to continue to add value, which is great for owners.

chromecast screenshot

[Source:]; [Our Review]

Chromecast App Receives Update

Chromecast App Receives Update

May 22, 2015

Chromecast is getting an update which is rolling out currently.

What’s New
– Redesigned devices view, showing devices as cards with backdrop and casting status
– Added setting to change backdrop speed
– Browse through history of backdrop images recently shown on your Chromecasts
– Improved reliability and performance of backdrop cards
– Improved multi-user and multi-Chromecast backdrop settings

We had an opportunity to review the Chromecast system when it first came out, and were (and still are) huge fans.

Chromecast is free (with the purchase of a Chromecast dongle) on Google Play.

Alien Invaders Review: A Chromecast Experience

Alien Invaders Review: A Chromecast Experience

Apr 9, 2015

Ah… aliens, shooting and TV. No arcades here, just Alien Invaders.

Off the bat, the game is made for Chromecast, Google’s multipurpose casting dongle that opens up Android to more generalized modes of consumption. To be honest, the game offerings are thin, and that isn’t too hard to understand.

The game is fairly useless without the dongle, as opening the game requests that the user connected to a local Chromecast; after the connection is made, one can get into it by “joining the game” on the big screen. On the device, one will find three spacecraft symbols, which serve as controls.

At first blush, the game looks a lot like the classic arcade game Missile Command, and plays a lot like it too. There are waves of enemy craft at the “top” of the screen, all in direct conflict with the protagonist ship at the forefront. The wave of aliens move side to side, and, less gradually, forward a step, reducing the distance between them and the player’s ship. The player’s ship can be controlled by the aforementioned virtual icons on the screen; the outer ones initiate perpetual movement in the corresponding direction (until arrested by the playing area), while the middle one controls shooting at the enemy craft. Thus, the dual objective is to avoid fire and to destroy the enemy ships.


To increase the challenge, as soon as one level is cleared, a new, better populated one replaces it. In this way, the gameplay gets tougher, as there are more ships to destroy as well as more gunfire to avoid. Another aspect is the scoring mechanism, which taxes the player for missing the target. Thus, to get the highest score possible, it makes sense to avoid the urge to strafe continually.

It’s a simplistic game, but that is as much a blessing as it is a curse, as it is easy to get into. I like the simple leaderboards as well. Control-wise, it is possible to slide off the controls at times, so I had to glance down every so often, but such is the challenge of using devices that have fewer hardware buttons. I still think the controls can be improved upon greatly.

In the end it is a fun take on a classic style of game, and the Chromecast functionality is a plus. It is so easy to chase high scores, and that helps the game shine.

Netflix Gets Update, Adds Improved Chromecast Compatibility

Netflix Gets Update, Adds Improved Chromecast Compatibility

Aug 31, 2014

Netflix had just updated the Android version of its streaming application; version 3.7.2 brings improved compatibility with Chromecast, allowing to app to be used better across connected devices.

Netflix continues to be one of the most popular sources of on-demand content, and its drive to acquire and/or produce original content has been a well-received. For those looking to mobilize content consumption, or to source entertainment via mobile devices, it is a great option.

The app — with the current update — is available for free (with subscription) on the Play Store. It is also available on the Amazon AppStore.