Beat the Beast Review

Beat the Beast Review

Feb 26, 2013

Beat the Beast is a tower defense game from Chundos Studio with a twist. Literally.

It takes place in a medieval-esque environment packed with magic, monsters and heavy-duty machinery set against a colorful backdrop with a mountain-bound castle serving as the eponymous fortress.

What sets Beat the Beast from the run-of-the-mill tower defense titles is its orientation. The playing area was an irregular hill, with the castle kingdom at the apex. From the base to the top, there was a winding path that different type of beasts attempted to travel; the assumption being that there would be a lot of plundering if they made it to the gates.

Using time-appropriate (like boulder-tossing catapults, crossbows and hammers, I had to destroy the monsters. In true tower defense fashion, different weapons had different attributes, and were upgradeable. To upgrade, I had to collect coins, and to collect coins, I had to dispatch beasts, so, in a sense, the weapons paid for themselves. Upgrades for each unit increased till the respective units were maxed out, and units could be sold back, albeit at a significant loss.

As an added challenge, there were fixed spots that I could put my defensive structures; I couldn’t just station them where I wanted to. This meant that a degree of thought was required to create the best defensive sequences. Also, the beasts had different attributes, including speed, and resistance to damage

Using my finger, I was able to spin around the structure, allowing me to get a full view around the play area, which was a fantastic touch. I could follow hitherto hidden enemy units as they meandered round the hill, and could also see just how my defenders got rid of them.

The game with three levels of difficulty: Hard, Normal and Easy, as well as different modes and three different environments. All these features come together to make it a compelling entry.