From the Editor’s Desk: Android Health Trippin’

From the Editor’s Desk: Android Health Trippin’

Oct 27, 2014

Hey y’all!

So… it’s been a short while since I took over the reins here at Android Rundown. I’m still working to fill the big shoes left behind by CD; it has been an interesting process. My advice? Go give your boss a hug right now.

One thing that has been truly on my mind for personal reasons is connected health. Health living is all the rage now, and it becomes more achievable with the concept’s intersection with mobile technology. Health trackers, blood pressure and heart monitors, health apps, etc. They all have the potential to help folk meet their respective health goals.

With this in mind, we are taking a look at fitness tools with an Android component. In conjunction with ChurchMag, we’ll be reviewing a myriad of tools and apps as part of the Android Rundown Health Series. Plus we’ll see firsthand how they help a real life person reach goals. Best of all, we have an interesting guinea pig that has foolishly agreed to open themselves up while doing this project.

As far as tools go, the term “varied” comes to mind; companies like Withings, Adidas, Oregon Scientific, Under Armour, Misfit, Samsung, Arkon and Pear gave us some of their gear to try out. We will see how they work in the real world, especially when paired with their respective Android companion applications. We’ll look at unique apps that interface with several of these apps, like Runkeeper. And, we got some cool interviews from executives at Adidas and Withings.

For a taste of the AR Health Series, check out our opening review of the Withings Connected Weight Scale.

All in all, it is going to be a fun endeavor. I think. I hope. In the mean time, pray for me (yes, I’m the insane subject of this project.).

Something tells me I am going to need it.