Spacetime Studios Hangs Out, Discusses Dark Legends Improvements and Upcoming Arcane Legends with Us

Spacetime Studios Hangs Out, Discusses Dark Legends Improvements and Upcoming Arcane Legends with Us

May 29, 2012

Recently, I got to participate in a Google+ Hangout with Cinco Barnes, Chief Visionary Officer at Spacetime Studios, and several other journalists, discussing Dark Legends. We broached a whole range of topics, finding out about new tweaks and features coming to Dark Legends, along with some early details on Arcane Legends.

Probably the biggest takeaway from the Hangout was that the energy system originally introduced will be radically modified in new updates. Most importantly, the ‘actual’ gameplay levels will become free to play as far as energy goes. This should help a lot with keeping players immersed in the game, especially as now players replaying earlier levels can more easily stick with ad hoc groups that form up. Because energy was frequently used up by the map’s story missions, this meant that only small groups would come together – and they would frequently disband.

While other changes to the energy system should be incoming, particularly as Cinco Barnes claimed that it was there primarily as a balancing tool, rather than just a monetization incentive, this should dramatically change and improve the game. It should dramatically change the pacing: now longer play sessions will be possible without expending energy.

The other big reveals from the Hangout were about Arcane Legends, the next game in the Legends series. This should take some of the combat mechanics from Dark Legends, and return the series to more of a fantasy-inspired setting. Oh, and there will be no energy system in this game. No real release date is available yet. However, do not expect development of Arcane Legends to slow down content additions for Dark Legends or past games at all.

The full Hangout footage is embedded below. We discuss other topics, including our general thoughts on the game and series as a whole. Vampire teeth get involved! Plus, hear about how Star Legends could have had space vampires. The full cast includes myself (see me adjusting my headphones at random intervals!), Ashley Esqueda of G4 and Techfoolery, H.B. Duran of, and Beau Hindman of Massively.