Dropbox Gets Batch Operations and More via Update

Dropbox Gets Batch Operations and More via Update

Sep 11, 2015

Everyone’s favorite cloud storage service is giving its Android port some new features.

Per the Google Play app page, folks that use Dropbox for Android can now select and act upon multiple files simultaneously. This batch operation functionality is a great usability enhancement.

Also, it is now possible to copy any file and folder in Dropbox.

Lastly, Dropbox has renamed the Favorites folder to a more accurate “Offline files” moniker. It retains the functionality, chief of which is the ability to access files therein offline.


New in 3.0.3
• Select multiple files at once to easily perform batch actions!
• Now you can copy any file or folder in your Dropbox.
• We renamed Favorites ‘Offline files,’ but kept the same convenient functionality: Access Offline files on the go, even without a connection.

Dropbox remains free on Google Play, and the current update is rolling out now.

[via Google Play]

Amazon Unveils New Unlimited Cloud Storage Options

Amazon Unveils New Unlimited Cloud Storage Options

Mar 26, 2015

Amazon is expanding its cloud storage options for folks looking for unlimited options; it just announced two tiers and matching pricing plans.

The first option will be of interest to folks looking to offload a ton of images. The Unlimited Photos Plan will charge $11.99, and gives folks the option of uploading current collections and all future images, freeing up valuable device space. As an added bonus, subscribers to this plan get 5 GB of storage for other things like documents.

The second option rings up at $59.99, and allows a myriad of unlimited data beyond just photos to be stored. In other words, movies, files, music and more can all be packed in without worrying about limits.

Each option offers a free 3-month trial.

Amazon’s Cloud Storage Director Josh Petersen talks up the secure affordability. “Most people have a lifetime of birthdays, vacations, holidays, and everyday moments stored across numerous devices. And, they don’t know how many gigabytes of storage they need to back all of them up,” he says. “With the two new plans we are introducing today, customers don’t need to worry about storage space—they now have an affordable, secure solution to store unlimited amounts of photos, videos, movies, music, and files in one convenient place.”

According to the press release, Amazon Prime members and folks who own Amazon Fire device can choose to subscribe to the Unlimited Everything Plan for the extra document storage. Existing Cloud Drive customers can upgrade b signing into their accounts.

The Amazon Cloud Drive app is available on Amazon Appstore and Google Play.


[Source: Amazon Cloud Press Release]

File Expert with Clouds Review

File Expert with Clouds Review

Nov 26, 2013

File Expert is a an Android file manager from GeekSoft; we had an opportunity to check it out a while back; it’s back, and seems to be beefier.

The app UI is mostly simple, with the default light theme background being white with pastel icons that also incorporate basic imagery that further conveys their purpose. In addition, there is dark theme that really makes the icons pop out, and a mixed version that adds in a black top tab to the light theme. The settings tab mostly maintains the same design elements, with view modes than can be adjusted (list or grid) and the ability to get rid of thumbnails to improve performance.

As far as performance, the app was able to pull up all the files on my testing device immediately. The file navigationfile1 system is fairly intuitive and follows the basics of Android filing. The address of the selected file shows at the top as icons are tap navigated. Dates of modification are show with the files, and the check boxes to the right. The boxes allow the matching file(s) can be manipulated.

The advertised FTP functionality is a nice touch, and it seems access to servers has been added in. Additionally, files can be shared via bluetooth, NFC and wi-fi.

Two features make this app compelling. First, the cloud functionality; the app works with all the major online storage services, and then some. Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Skydrive and more including, GeekSoft’s proprietary cloud. The second feature I really like is the the built-in categorization the app does. It pulls in pictures, videos, e-books, etc into app-defined files. The extra tools (like file shredder , one touch cleaner and he built-in memory manager) are definitely the cherry on top.

Some features have to be unlocked to be used; even on its own, in the free ad-based state, it looks like a nice tool to have.

Introducing doo, A Document Organizer And Scanner

Introducing doo, A Document Organizer And Scanner

Oct 31, 2013

doo Document & Scanner App 1

Office apps are always a welcome on mobile devices, especially as interesting as this one. doo developers claim they tried to revolutionize the way documents are handled, with the app being able to organize, auto-tag, scan, and access documents from all kinds of sources, including cloud storage. Now it got a total renovation, and has a version tag of “2.5”. doo can be downloaded for free from here: doo Document & Scanner App on Google Play, or here: doo Document & Scanner App on Amazon.

MediaFire Releases Android App, Offering 50 GB of Free Cloud Storage

MediaFire Releases Android App, Offering 50 GB of Free Cloud Storage

Jan 17, 2013

Online storage locker MediaFire has announced a new Android app for accessing their cloud storage service. Users can download the app to start uploading their files from Android, and to easily access the files they store using the storage locker. Files can be uploaded from the app, and via the Android built-in sharing services.

While there are tons of storage services out there, and ones that interface via Android sharing, why check out MediaFire? Well, the service offers 50 GB of storage for free, though some features for sharing and uploading are limited, such as a 200 MB file size limit for free users, likely to try and curtail piracy. However, subscriptions starting at $18/year lift many of these limits for enterprising users, though only more expensive plans increase the amount of cloud storage available. Still, 50 GB is quite a lot. Interested users should note that there account sign ups must happen on the web before using the app, as there’s not a way to register from the app’s home screen, only a login window. MediaFire is available from Google Play.

Free App Recap October 2nd: Dropbox Apps

Free App Recap October 2nd: Dropbox Apps

Oct 2, 2012

Dropbox is arguably the most popular cloud storage out there. While the service itself is great, adding functionality when using it from an Android phone can make Dropbox even better. Syncing Dropbox with the microSD card is the most common add-on available in the Google Play Store. The list below are three different types of add-ons for Dropbox; one for security, one for downloading and one for syncing.


Dropsync is the perfect application for syncing Dropbox files to the microSD card. Many settings are available to choose how often files are synced. The main reason this is a great is because it works like desktop software; The sync is 2-way. A 2-way sync means any files saved or uploaded to the memory card will be synced with the Dropbox cloud. Without this all the files that need to be manually uploaded. A time saving and convenience feature if nothing else.

Download Dropsync

Downloader for Dropbox

Downloader for Dropbox is a application to download to add convenience. A feature not available in the Dropbox for Android application, is the option to download an entire folder to the microSD card. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, not being able to download multiple files at once can be a big inconvenience. For example, if Dropbox is used to transfer an entire album of music to the memory card, being able to transfer the entire folder at once will save a lot of time.

Download Downloader for Dropbox


BoxCryptor adds security to files stored on a memory card and synced with Dropbox. It should be noted BoxCryptor also works with Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive. All of the action is done on the phone so the password to decrypt the files is never transmitted. This is an added security measure in case anybody tries to snag the information being transmitted.

Download BoxCryptor

Never Lose Any Data With G Cloud Backup

Never Lose Any Data With G Cloud Backup

Sep 12, 2012

G Cloud Backup wants to bring one of iOS' most useful features to Android: automatic remote backups. See, iOS users can back their devices up to iCloud automatically, so if something happens, like their device gets stolen, they upgrade, or if they had to get it repaired, it's easy to restore like brand new. G Cloud Backup does something similar. It can back up pictures, music, videos, contacts, call logs, documents, and SMS to their cloud services. By installing the free app, users can backup their data on initialization, and also in the background. G Cloud Backup can intelligently only back up when plugged in and on wifi, or when there's sufficient battery life. Or, it can be configured to backup to the cloud whenever.

Now, this all works without rooting, which is a blessing and a curse, because there is one feature that's missing: the ability to back up apps. This is a security restriction, something that requires root access (and Titanium Backup) to do, so G Cloud Backup can't help there. However, the rest of what it backs up is useful, and it can be used to restore data to a new device. The app and service are free for 1 GB of storage. 10 GB of storage are available for $0.99 per month. The app is available from Google Play.

Microsoft SkyDrive App Now Available on Android With 7 GB of Free Storage

Microsoft SkyDrive App Now Available on Android With 7 GB of Free Storage

Aug 31, 2012

Microsoft's cloud storage solution SkyDrive is finally available on Android. Just log in with a Microsoft account – this can be an old Hotmail account, or the account used to log in to Xbox Live – and then all of a user's SkyDrive is available. From within the app, only photos and videos can be uploaded, though other types of files can be uploaded through Android's default sharing dialogue. The app conforms to standard 4.x design, using Roboto font and some Holo design elements.

In a world where Dropbox has become the most ubiquitous service, and where Google Drive is an integral part of Android 4.x devices, why check out SkyDrive? Well, they're offering 7 GB of storage for free. With all this free cloud storage, we might not ever need to have an actual hard drive ever again! Our files will be available everywhere! Well, until the servers go down or get hacked, because technology is a fickle beast. The official SkyDrive app is available for free from Google Play


Box Gives 50 GB of Storage to Android Users

Box Gives 50 GB of Storage to Android Users

Feb 28, 2012

Think that Dropbox’s space limitations are too limiting? Then Android owners will especially love Box. This cloud storage service offers a killer feature for users who sign up through the Android app: 50GB of lifetime storage for the low, low price of free. Files can be shared through Android’s built-in sharing services. Note that unlike Dropbox, there does not appear to be a free desktop synchronization app, so that space does come at a price, although files are easily available via the web as well. Apps can integrate with Box, such as File Expert, which can log in to Box accounts and access files from there. Unlike iOS, Box integration in apps is less of a potential issue because of Android’s built-in sharing features.

As well, Box is running a contest for businesses to give away twenty Samsung Galaxy Tabs and twenty Enterprise subscriptions to Box. Submissions are due by March 8th. The Box app is available for free from the Android Market.

Sandisk Releases App for Managing Memory on Android and Sharing to Online Storage

Sandisk Releases App for Managing Memory on Android and Sharing to Online Storage

Sep 28, 2011

Sandisk has introduced a new app for users looking to manage their phone’s data and content. Sandisk Memory Zone allows for users to browse the music, pictures, videos, documents, and even the apps on their phone. From there they can open them, delete them, and even upload them to various online storage options.

Yes, the Sandisk Memory Zone app also supports online cloud-based storage management. Users can log in to their Dropbox, Google Docs, Picasa, and/or Box accounts to view and manage files on those services, or even backup their phone’s entire contents to those services. Individual files can be uploaded as well.

For users of external SD cards, this app supports copying files to there as well. This combined with the online storage support makes this app more than just the typical app from a company looking to promote their brand name, as there are some interesting possible uses that could come from this. Sandisk Memory Zone is available for free from the Android Market.