iBomber Review

iBomber Review

Apr 29, 2013

As far as iOS games go, iBomber had always been one of the more coveted titles for me. Well, the Android version just dropped, so there.

Once the most rabid Android nationalist gets beyond the iMoniker, they are likely to find an interesting WWII-themed game that proves to be challenging and rewarding at the same time.

The name somewhat takes care of the mystery; I served as a bombardier on a WWII Allied bomber, with plenty of missions to accomplish. The top-down action looked realistic enough to someone like me who never graced the bomb bay of even toy planes. Using radar and bomb sights, I had to destroy a lot of stuff on the move. Controls were ultra-simple: tilting mostly, and a few touches to catch bonuses.ibomber1

It took me a few runs to get used to the movements. I was able to move quite well, in fact; it was moving and hitting targets that was not easily done. After figuring out how to adjust airspeed by tilting back, my accuracy increased. To make the bombs count, accuracy was needed. I liked that the game had finite missions that were mostly logical, like keeping cargo ships from leaving the bay, destroying fuel supplies, or a flotilla-themed form of tower defense. There were also plenty of anti-plane mechanized weaponry around, which meant that I couldn’t tarry too long in the air.

And the damage did come. After going down in a swirling haze of shame a few times, I settled on a strategy of living by power-ups. I learned that if I went quickly over the best defended areas, I could procure power-ups like health and upgraded weapons by tapping the revealed symbol.

I liked the gritty, untouched feel of the graphics, though the inelastic borders of this game drove me batty; it seemed tragically unfinished to me in that singular aspect. The Papaya integration was there, so for fans of that specific social networking community, there’s even more to like.

I thought iBomber is an excellent game that thrusts both WWII buffs and casual gamers into the the same boat headed to glory. Mostly.