International Boxing Champions Review

International Boxing Champions Review

Nov 28, 2012

Fair disclosure: I was a Mike Tyson fan as a kid.

No, not the face-tattooed, air-drumming, tiger-owning Mike of The Hangover fame that this generation of kids know; nah… I’m talking about Iron Mike, the Baddest Man on the Planet, the cat that tattooed other people’s faces in 91 seconds. That Mike Tyson.

International Boxing Champions is an Android-exclusive from Coeus Creative took me on a dream journey headed to pugilistic glory that would make Mike proud. On the way, I could earn medals and more.

The game has three modes: Championship, where I fought to get a purse; Grudge Match, where you can pick computer opponent and Gym, which served as the training program. The training program was a great idea; I was able to go in and build transferable skills, like learning cash-earning combos. The punching bag scenes were well thought out, if a bit eerie in appearance. Using both thumbs on the right bank of controls helped me block, move forward and back and throw different type of punches. The controls looked somewhat complex at first, but with practice, they became second nature. I liked the detail here; the buttons turned red when i had thrown too many consecutive punches of the same type, indicating muscle fatigue.

Graphically, I thought the game struggled a tad. The boxing set-up, which had me as a greenish silhouette, was well-thought out in my opinion; I just think there was plenty of room for more, well, pop in the graphics without it becoming overly cartoony. The sounds were adequate, but I really wanted the overall imagery to match; the movements were a bit stilted. Still, the little details (like the definition of the boxers) were mostly well done.

Winning fights won me in-game money, and game money earned me the ability to partake in buying key in-game items. Of course, if if I wanted to expedite matters, I could use real money to purchase game cash. International Boxing Champions also has Tapjoy compatibility, and offered a good deal of game cash as an incentive to sign up.

Graphics aside, this is still a game I ended up liking more than I thought I would… in my own world, I was Mike Tyson.