Coin Drop Review

Coin Drop Review

Sep 19, 2011

By the end of this review, I will recommend downloading Coin Drop. I suggest not doing so unless you have unlimited amounts of free time to spend on playing this game. Coin Drop is in some ways reminiscent of Peggle; after all, objects fall from the sky and there are pegs and other objects on a board to try and hit. Players drop a coin from the top of the screen on to the board. The goal is to try and knock out the 4 bad blue coins from the board, while scoring as many points as possible by hitting all the pegs, taking out destructible objects, and lighting up all the slots on the bottom to activate a coin frenzy that drops 5 free coins simultaneously. Players can also tap the bottom of the screen to bump up coins on the board. It’s very simple to play.

Oh man, is this game addictive. The gameplay has that feeling of satisfaction when things go well that makes a game like Peggle so much fun. Coin Drop hits many of the same notes, and the game’s very adorable style helps make it endearing. That the game is just so fun to play that I found myself burning through an entire world in one sitting several times helps too. The Android version is actually freemium unlike its iOS counterpart. The first two worlds, consisting of 15 levels each, are both free to play, and the game has no other ads otherwise. There are three other worlds available for $0.99 each as in-app purchases. They introduce new elements into the game like lasers and magnets in one world, to expand the game beyond what it originally was.

The game tends to be a bit on the easy side unfortunately, because there are 4 items to collect in order to advance. Levels won’t require more than a few tries at the most to complete. The controls make it easy to accidentally drop a new coin on the playing field when just trying to bump the board. The game is not at all optimized for tablets, unlike the iOS version. Honeycomb tablet owners are recommended to run the game in “zoom to fill screen” mode instead of running it at full resolution because the framerate chugs when not in zoom mode. The game could use more high-resolution artwork to improve its look on devices like tablets.

Coin Drop is almost too much fun. I play many games for review, and there are few games that I lost myself in quite like I did in Coin Drop. This is an absolute must-download for Android users.