Beat Hazard Ultra Review

Beat Hazard Ultra Review

Feb 5, 2013

Beat Hazard Ultra lets the music control the action.

The gameplay was fairly fierce, and I found it to be a cool space shooter in and of itself. The action was unrelenting, with enemy spacecraft of different destructive and defensive capabilities coming at me singly and in waves from different angles on the screen. I really liked the ease of handling at the lower levels, in that it allowed me to enjoy the game and learn how to be successful at the same time. The wavy nature of flight and the altering aggressiveness of the enemy made for interesting sequences. Arcade staples like power-ups, multipliers, game cash collection leveling were all present.

When the games hints at an explosion of color, it is not exaggerating; Beat Hazard Ultra packs in some serious strobe-y power which especially popped against the dark background.
The game made music a major part of its infrastructure, by appealing to my inner Dr Dre. I could source the soundtrack from music on my device, or even streamed music. I found that to be even more fantastic in practice than I imagined before playing. With this game, being intertwined in the fabric of the game allowed for an almost innate connection that made it more enjoyable. And yes, the game literally moved to the beat, making song selection a valid part of difficulty.

The game had plenty of options. For example, the control-set had options, as I could use a singe stick to dance around. Still, I thought the controls did take some getting used to at the more complex configurations.

Beat Hazard Ultra was an enjoyable romp that any music lover would be almost insane to not love. If blasting aliens out of the sky was not enough fun, doing it to overlay of Brick House definitely will be.