Instagram Brings Layout App to Android

Instagram Brings Layout App to Android

May 20, 2015

Instagram is bringing its formerly iOS-exclusive Layout from Instagram app to Android.

Instagram’s newest app lets you create fun, one-of-a-kind layouts by remixing your own photos and sharing them with your friends.
Choose photos from your camera roll use the built-in Photo Booth to take spur-of-the-moment shots and instantly see them laid out in various combinations. Pick the layout you like best, then edit it to make it your own.
Layout’s smooth, intuitive process gives you complete creative control. Tap to mirror, flip or replace images, hold and drag to swap them, pinch to zoom in or out, or pull the handles to resize. You’re the editor, so get creative, tell a story, show off an outfit or just splice, dice and change the look of your regular photos to convey a mood or theme.

* Re-mix up to 9 of your photos at a time to create fun, personalized layouts.
* Use the Faces tab to quickly find photos with people in them.
* Capture the moment in Photo Booth mode with quick, spontaneous shots.
* Save your layouts to your camera roll and share them seamlessly to Instagram or other networks.
* Easily see the last 30 photos you’ve selected in the Recents tab.
* Pair your layouts with Instagram’s filters and creative tools afterwards to make them stand out even more.
* Download and start creating immediately. No signup or account required and no clutter breaking up your flow.

Layout is free on Google Play.

Additionally, Instagram for Android is getting an update which adds Structures, “a new creative tool that brings out details and textures in photos.”


Free App Recap September 25th

Free App Recap September 25th

Sep 25, 2012

Android devices have pretty awesome cameras these days. Although the stock camera application works well, it doesn’t usually have any filters or special features. To add features or filters it’s possible to add a popular application such as Instagram. One problem with that is, there is no way to take wide angle pictures, everything is square.

Luckily for us there are thousands of camera applications available in the Google Play Store. In the list below, there are three different camera applications to show part of the variety of apps available in Google Play for taking stylish photos at the cool price of free.

Retro Camera

Retro Camera Gives the pictures taken a retro look. Shocker, I know. It’s a neat application because it actually looks like a retro camera on the screen. There’s a small viewfinder and the buttons on the screen looks like the back end of a retro camera. There are a multitude of different effects and even different cameras.

Download Retro Camera

Multi-lens Camera

Multi-lens Camera can capture up to six snapshots. The images are arranged in either a collage or a template arrangement. The arrangement of the images is user selectable and gives a unique look at the images. the images are not taken automatically, for each image it takes a manual presses the button. That way when taking pictures of two separate individuals, it’s not a timing issue to get everything set up a certain way.

Download Multi-lens Camera

Lomo Camera

Lomo Camera offers 12 different filters to help create a great looking picture. The theme of the filters is a retro look . The filters available can make images look like something from an old family album found in the attic. While the application this itself is free, there are paid filters that one can purchase. Personally, I thought underwater camera was cool.

Download Lomo Camera

Photo Collages Get Easier with Diptic

Photo Collages Get Easier with Diptic

Sep 15, 2011

The fun thing about cameras on smartphones is that there is no lack of creativity when it comes to the photos that spawn from these devices. This is partially because smartphones are with people everywhere they go, and partially due to some high quality apps that allow people to edit, manipulate, and post their photos to a variety of places. There is one such app that is very popular on iOS, and the developers have listened to the Android community and brought the it here as well. That’s right, Diptic is now available for Android!

Just what is Diptic? This app allows users to create stories with their photos by creating collages of their photos. Users can choose from 19 different layouts, grab pictures right off the camera or snag them from the photo library, arrange them into the collage, save it and it’s done. It is seriously that easy. Diptic also includes basic editing items such as contrast and saturation adjustments for added control. Once the creation part is completed, users can then share it with the world by posting to outlets such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and so on. This is a powerful photo tool that inspires people to get creative and bust out some story telling with the use of images.

Diptic is available right now for $1.99 and can be purchased right here. Grab a copy and then get out there and start telling stories in a fun, easy, and unique way.