Spirit Stones Review

Spirit Stones Review

Nov 4, 2013

Gamevil is one of the biggest names in mobile gaming over in Asia, churning out such games as the Zenonia series as well as the Baseball Superstars games. Most of their lineup are great games that while tailored more for an Eastern audience, still can be enjoyed by everyone one. Most of their titles also use the freemium, or free to play model, which happens to irk many people in the west.


Spirit Stones, the latest game from the Korean mobile giant, doesn’t feel particularly special, except for the fact that it is everything you’d expect from a game from Asia. Spirit Stones incorporates both the collectible card genres and a match 3 element, both popular mobile game mechanisms in Asia. But the real let down in this game is that it doesn’t offer players anything that they can’t get out of other popular eastern titles, such as Puzzle & Dragons or similar games of that style. It’s also very much in the vein of games like Digimon with the collection element and evolution of cards. It’s another free to play game, which allows players to spend real money to get better in the game, but doesn’t give anyone anything unique or new.

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What it does give you is a beautifully laid out game, both graphically and in terms of game play. Everything, while feeling familiar, is still aesthetically pleasing and entertaining to delve into. All of the cards, while usually containing female characters wearing armor made more for revealing as much skin as possible, rather than for protecting their body, are done in a lovely artistic style. Battle sequences, however, are scaled down a little more, appearing a little more cartoonish and silly.


The downfall, though, is that there isn’t too much about Spirit Stones that will keep you captivated enough to continue playing for any length of time. Considering so many other match 3 and collectible card game crossovers are on the market, Spirit Stones does not stand out or lure you in with anything special. It’s a nice looking game and anytime a player will spend on it will be enjoyable, but this title is easily forgettable and may just end up taking up space on your device, space that could be used for something a lot less mediocre.