The Dark Knight Rises Review

The Dark Knight Rises Review

Jul 27, 2012

The popularity of the Batman movies was sure to bring about a great game. All of the elements are there, graphics, voice overs, cool weapons and a good story. After the initial download from the Google Play Store, an additional 1825MB of data needs to download. Make sure there is room on your device for it.

The graphics if The Dark Knight Rises game are excellent. Even in the dimly-lit areas of the game – which is a good portion of the game – seeing details and picking out the bad guys is not difficult. Everything from the coil of the wire from the grappling gun to the steam from the sewer grates look great.

During the game, different buttons pop-up windows to where interaction is needed or a weapon can be used. When Batman walks up to a door or a control panel, an icon with a hand will appear on the door. When the Batarang or grappling gun can be used, the icons show up in the bottom right corner of the screen near the other action buttons.

Batman’s greatest advantage is his stealth. He is a one man wrecking crew and hiding in the shadows is to his benefit. A fun move is to jump down on a bad guy from a ledge to knock him out, then quickly use the grappling gun to go back to a lofty perch and survey the area.

Throughout the levels of The Dark Knight Rises, different techniques are used to get a round the city. In the beginning walking, using the grappling gun to move from rooftop ledge to billboard to light post are commonly used. At times, Batman gets to use his cape to glide to a rooftop or other location farther away. Further into the game, vehicles are unlocked. Sure, these are a little more conspicuous, but they are a more fun to use.

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

Jul 25, 2012

Comic book lovers are in full swing of what is likely to be the biggest superhero summer movie summer known to man. The recent release of The Amazing Spider-Man movie and video game is pretty exciting.

The Amazing Spider-Man game for Android is pretty action packed. There are short missions to complete as well as being able to web sling all over the city and spot the random bad guy to beat up. When the game begins Spidey’s fighting skills are a little weak, but as more bad guys are beat and missions complete, experience points and other ways of upgrading his skills, life and strength are available. Some of the attacks learned are pretty acrobatic.

The mini map in the top right corner gives indications of the bad guys and the missions. If the size of the screen is kind of small, the different symbols for bad guy vs mission may not be so easy to tell apart. If the mini map is touched, it will expand to show a larger scrollable map.

The part of the game I didn’t like was the controls. In the heat of battle, the buttons and directional controller are a bit small. I found myself trying to run away or attack only to be missing the buttons or siding off of my tablet’s screen.

True to the comics, Spidey is facing all kinds of battles from random thugs to super villains. Throughout the city many of the names and queues to the comic book show up. Oscorp is the most noticeable because of the blip floating over the city.

The Amazing Spider-Man game has a lot of action, options to upgrade, lots of levels. Not needing to jump right into the next mission and roaming all over the city GTA-style is a great way to get the hang of the controls.