Dragger HD Review

Dragger HD Review

May 28, 2014

Dragger is a game of infectious joy from Twist Mobile.

The story runs thus: in a happy world inhabited by cheery jelly beings, a malevolent blob known as Evily rolls through, causing havoc and a dark pall to overtake the land. There is one survivor — our hero, Dragger — who works to lift the blight of sadness one jelly neighbor at a time.

It basically boils down to a physics puzzler, a 2D game of bowling, if you will, with saddies and stars as the main targets. Holding down Dragger and directing the shot to a target is how it starts, and “releasing” the jelly blob initiates the action. The first few levels are sedate enough, and work well to convey the gameplay; there is a set number of shots with which the player has to convert saddies and collect the stars by contact. And any contact is good, as moving saddies liberate other ones by touch, and can even collect stars. Using rebounded and/or transferred kinetic dra1energy is probably not going to be a winning strategy all the time, as struck saddies tend to not travel very far or for very long.

The levels get harder as progress is made, and more thought needs to be applied to make things happen. Just like in pool, the post-shot leave is key when more saddies are on the board because of the shot requirement; an errant shot can get Dragger blocked. Combo shots can be made, but do require a reasonable degree of precision to pull off; the power of the strikes can also be manipulated to a degree. Getting all three stars and converting the all saddies is the goal; levels can be repeated to effect this.

The graphics are rich and convey a fun experience, with vibrant colors and smooth animations.

All in all, it feels like the perfect time waster, with intuitive, freemium gameplay and looks that are easy on the eyes.