SilverTree Media’s Cordy Sky Appears On, Then Suddenly Disappears From, Android Market

SilverTree Media’s Cordy Sky Appears On, Then Suddenly Disappears From, Android Market

Feb 17, 2012

SilverTree Media have become known for releasing their titles first on Android, then later to iOS; this has been true with Cordy, Sleepy Jack, and now Cordy Sky, their latest title, an endless jumper starring the Cordy character who has appeared in the other two titles. The game has some similarities to Mega Jump in the way that it has items that propel the player character further upward, though these tend to be along paths, and are not the entire basis for upward movement. In fact, players have a manual jump button, along with a double jump to use to go further upward. The double jump also pulls in any nearby gears, which can be used to help fly further upward.

The game is freemium, offering a short demo for free, and the rest of the game available as a $0.99 unlock. This unlocks both the rest of the game’s story mode, and an endless mode.

So, want to play this game? Well, too bad. The game is currently pulled from the Android Market. The reasons for this are unclear. SilverTree Media have not said anything publicly about the game, and related Twitter accounts have either said nothing or removed any comments about the game’s release. Attempts to contact SilverTree Media directly have gone unanswered regarding Cordy Sky.

The game does tend to suffer from some slowdown when playing it on the Samsung Captivate, but it runs perfectly fine on the Motorola Xoom, and pulling a game from the Android Market entirely seems odd if device-specific glitches are a concern. The in-app purchase unlock currently does not work at all becuase the game is not available on the Android Market any more, it appears.

There’s plenty of reasons to speculate why this may be the case – perhaps Amazon negotiated an exclusive release and the Android Market release was accidental? Perhaps the game was set to release at a certain date and was accidentally pushed to the store early? There is at least one review of the game that doesn’t mention any kind of fatal bugs, so this disappearing act from one of the most prominent primarily-Android developers is very strange.