Couplo Review

Couplo Review

May 15, 2014

Popular mobile games generally fall into two categories—games that help serve as an escape from the grind of daily life by providing mindless entertainment and games that put your brain muscles to work by throwing challenging puzzles at you. Word games are part of the latter group, forcing you to scan your own personal dictionary in order to rack up high scores.

Couplo is a word game by Last17, but unlike another well-known mobile game that uses letter tiles, it is a strictly solo experience. Players are given a board filled with colored letter tiles and must connect at least three tiles in order to form words to score points. Tiles can connect in any direction, and players can earn bonus points by making words out of the same colored tiles.

To make matters more difficult, entering words that don’t exist will have a negative impact on your score. This causes some frustration as users will opt to play it safe by not entering words they think could possibly not be a word at all, and there are also words that the game does not recognize.

There are three modes of play in Couplo. Time Trial is as simple as the game gets and nicely sums up the game’s premises. Players have 60 seconds to score as many points as possible using any combination of letters on the board.

The game’s bread and butter is the Challenge mode, which requires players to perform certain tasks on their board. For instance, a challenge asks players to score 150 points using only words with three letters. It sounds simple enough, but players will quickly find out how their brains perform under pressure.

Couplo’s biggest weakness is its difficulty. Even early puzzles in Challenge mode feature difficult levels that will take dozens of tries to complete. This is undoubtedly part of the game’s appeal, but it can also lead frustrated users to give up on the game before experiencing its addictive nature.


While completing challenges is the true substance of Couplo, actually figuring out what the challenge is can be quite a challenge in itself. Challenges have brief names such as “Vowel Play” and “Colour-full” that require trial and error before realizing what the actual challenge is. Most challenges are simple enough to figure out, but some could benefit from a description.

Depending on your device, it can also be difficult to connect tiles by swiping across the touchscreen. Players will inevitably connect tiles they did not mean to touch, wasting valuable seconds. Couplo can be played much more comfortably on the larger screen of a tablet.

The game is free for all to install, but there are microtransactions for more serious players. Tournament mode, which pits players in a worldwide competition in which all players use the same board and compete to get the highest score in 60 seconds, costs $2.50 to unlock. Other enhancements also must be purchased, including additional challenges. However, there is plenty of entertainment packed into the free version of Couplo.

While cheap players may not want to fork over some real-world cash to compete against friends in Tournament mode, users can trash talk friends by comparing stats and browsing through awards. Couplo keeps track of various stats in all games played. The game also supports multiple profiles on one device, allowing other users to pass challenges on their own.