Cow Dash Review

Cow Dash Review

Jun 20, 2014

Cow Dash is a charming entry from Retroid Interactive that is able to swaddle retro-looking graphics in the familiar, tried-and-true frame of an arcade adventure.

The controls are deceptively simple, and almost conceal the challenge of the game. Almost. The travel-happy cow starts off in a outdoor naturescape environment set in deliberate platforms of differing heights. The cow moves on its own when a tap is administered to start the level; it continues moving in a set direction until it is impeded by an object, at which point it turns on its heel and goes in the opposite direction.

Tapping on the screen allows the bovine adventurer to jump, and tap and holding causes a higher jump. Using hese simple controls, the basic concept is to guide the cow up the platform to the exit portal. cow1

But this cow faces some challenges. First, there is a time limit of sorts o get top marks for the level; an errant jump or two reduces the chances of making it before the time split is done. There are also collectible fruit which line the travelway and make the cow able to run. A bar to the top left shows how much vitality is left, and if it runs out, he cow implodes. As such, as the gameplay becomes more challenging, it is may become prudent to plan how tow much to consume, as leaving one out may keep the cow alive if a mistake is made. Further down the line, there are trap objects that must be avoided, as they are potentially lethal. These bombs begin o get more cleverly placed, and begin to put an even greater emphasis on timing and cunning. The developer does a good job of combining different elements to create a lovable game.

It is a great time waster, but the true value is in its potential to be even more if need be.