Crazy Pixel Run Review

Crazy Pixel Run Review

May 9, 2014

Running around like a hopped-up hyperactive hare – that’s the best description for this Russian indie game featuring a colorless bunny in a colorless world.

In Crazy Pixel Run you control a rectangular, colorless bunny. The little fella is born in a world where everything is grey. He’s main goal in life: bring more color to it. It is platformer style indie game where you have to collect energy to stay alive in a randomly generated and infinite world. The bring color to the world, you need to run around like a crazy pixel-rabbit and collect special glowing things. Every part of the world you touch collecting these things, will brightening up your world.


And, well, that’s it. There are no enemies. Except for the world itself, that is.

Because everything is grey or dark grey and the camera angle, it is more than once difficult to see where the crazy bunny is. Running around isn’t anything of a challenge, but when you have to jump, it is very hard to position the colorless cube with legs and ears on the next platform of the level. This results in losing points now and then and that really messes up your high score. And getting a big score is the goal of the game. So there’s a problem.

But moving the crazy pixel bunny around in the colorless world is fun. The more things you collect, the harder the bunny will run. But also: the harder the bunny will fall. When it falls down in limbo, or whatever is beneath the cube world, you lose a lot of points. But you will also score more points if you can survive this crazy madness. When I say crazy madness, I mean it in a good way. Aside from the jumping mechanic, this game proves to be really fun and challenging.

Crazy Pixel Run is just like the title says: you run around in a cube world where you collect pixels and the higher the score, the faster you will go. And the faster that crazy little bunny runs, the crazier this game gets. If you can manage the flawed jumping mechanic, this game is worth a shot.