NodeBeat App Review

NodeBeat App Review

Jan 6, 2012

If you’re one who is regularly stressed, soothing music is a welcome stress reliever. It’s even better if that soothing music is created by you, but that’s got to be asking too much, right? Enter NodeBeat, a quirky little app that lets you serendipitously create your own trance masterpiece. You do this by connecting glowing orbs that come in three varieties, octave and beat generators and notes. The two generators send different octave pulses that make a sound when they hit the different note orbs. Each octave and note has a corresponding color which makes for a gorgeous (read: trippy) display of light and sound.

Not everything that comes out of this machine is pretty and some combinations can be really annoying actually. But NodeBeat gives you plenty of options for adjusting the sound, such as altering the tempo or note length. It’s fun to see how much your song can change just by moving one note or offsetting a beat or two. There’s also an option to allow the notes to slowly float around the screen which gives the whole thing a dynamic, living feeling. I wish there were more options for this because it can be really powerful but sometimes it devolves into a mess.

If you’re really feeling lazy you can just listen to NodeBeat make its own music. When starting up the app you have the option to create or listen. If you choose to listen, NodeBeat creates a song automatically which can be played for a set amount of time if you’re trying to fall asleep to it. This is great for those who regularly fall asleep while listening to relaxing music or nature sounds, and even if you don’t, give it a shot, it works really well.

While NodeBeat has a recording option; those looking for something to really lay down a track may be disappointed by the lack of individual note customization and the lack of timing precision. But this isn’t what NodeBeat tries to be, it’s a great casual music making app for those looking to relax or trying to be creative. Don’t let NodeBeat’s nearly $2 price tag scare you off, for the price of a Snickers bar you can snag this polished, beautiful app.