Crisis Expert Review

Crisis Expert Review

Jul 16, 2013

Games can be fun. Games can be entertaining. Games can even be educational. But what does it all mean? What’s the message you’re trying to convey to me, game? What are you trying to make me think?

Often the answer is ‘nothing’, but sometimes we get a game that strives to serve a purpose and attempts to prove a point. That’s what Crisis Expert is. It’s trying to offer a biting satire on the world’s current financial climate but it’s neither biting nor, most damning for a game, is it fun.

You play as a shoping cart riding the highs and lows of what looks to be a line graph. Sharp dips and rises are ridden along whilst you tap on the screen to make your cart jump. Jump into the various currencies littered about your screen to gain points and avoid words like ‘Education’ and ‘The Arts’ because they’ll reduce your points.

See what’s it’s trying to say? How clever.
Crisis Expert 2

I’m barely over 150 words and I’m already out of things to say because, quite frankly, that’s all there is to it. Eventually after riding the highs and lows of the line graph you’ll end up dropping into some water, your score will be tallied and that will be that. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and land on floating words like ‘Bailout’ to stop you sinking and allowing you to carry on your run.

Again. A fantastic example of what this game’s ‘trying to do’.

In fairness, I’ve got to commend a game that attempts to actually ‘say’ something, but this is just too obvious and doesn’t add anything to the discussion to make it worthwhile. Yes it’s a free app and yes it was part of the Shopping Cart Art Project, but no, that doesn’t make it particularly worthwhile.