Critter Fitter Review

Critter Fitter Review

Nov 30, 2012

Critter Fitter is a drag, drop and rotate game that mates puzzles with Noah’s Ark. In the name of abducting aliens, animals had to be moved off Earth.

The curiously-shaped animals ran the gamut: there were elephants, ostriches, koalas, and giraffes; I even saw a rhinoceros or two, and a smelly skunk. My dastardly act was to abduct these animals, but the cargo space was quite limited.

My job was to arrange the animals in the cargo hold so that they all fit. I could rotate the animals by holding and tapping the screen with my other thumb. Logically, it made sense for me to start with the bigger animals, and work my way down to the smaller ones. The game was broken down by level, and the gameplay got harder the further along I went.

Oh yeah: the faster I finished, the better the score I received. The game employed a three-star rating system; getting everything solved in the prescribed time or below gave me three stars, and I received points based on that performance. There were tips that flashed prior to the attempts, and there was also Hint button that helped get through difficult placements (in exchange for the willingness to be “offered” other games).

The game had no-frills graphics; the animations were okay, as the rotations invoked by the second tap were pretty much seamless, and if there was a stutter during the transfer of pieces, I did not notice it on either of my two machines. The music sounded like standard fare arcade type music that I would expect for this type of game, with clear rises denoting success. The game connects to the major social networks to facilitate the sharing of scores.

I liked that the developer made use of a simple tutorial, as it helped move things along. The rotating mechanism was smooth (as already mentioned), but there was an uncomfortable feel to positioning; spinning the giraffe or bear, for example, could be awkward with a finger blocking most of the pertinent real estate.

I like simple, and this game has the potential to be a fun time-waster or a saga; the choice is in the hands of the player.