Word Puttz Review

Word Puttz Review

Mar 5, 2014

Word games come a dime a dozen on Android, and thus, it takes a decent game to make headway. Gotta tell you, with the elements Word Puttz brings to the table, it might just have more than a passing flirtation with success.

At first blush, it reads like one’s run-of-the mill crossword puzzle, except for the limited area. But the first glance is deceptive, and leaves one wondering how word search, scrabble and putt-putt (yes, people, the mini-golf game) get added to the mix.

The game uses spoon-fed tutorials to highlight the game play at pertinent points. The playing area is made up of squared grid, with a golf-style cup at one end. The most prominent element is the word search; using the tray of sevenwordfi letters that are replenished as they are used, words have to be constructed using a placed start letter, with the end goal being using crossword strategies to create a word that crosses over the aforementioned cup. No diagonal constructions are allowed; one has to go down or across.

To add to the challenge, words created score points, and each letter tile has assigned points that resemble Scrabble scoring; for example, a worth with a “J” in it is of high premium. The Scrabble element introduces the possibility of using strategy, as general rules of that game are observed, like the creation of combo words. it is also possible to “dance” around the cup while trying to earn more points, as points control the assignation of level measuring stars à la Angry Birds. There is a tile exchanger, “hintz” and reversal button, and real cash can be used to stock up on some of the boosts, including wildcard “octo-balls.”

As the game progresses through the higher levels, more challenges are thrown at the player: optional gold coins that can be crossed over for bonus points, point thresholds to open the cup, the need to spell backwards and even a race to the cup versus the game UI. Just when one suspects the gameplay might get a bit too monotonous, the developer adds in some flair.

While the game is an all-rounder of sorts, I did wish the challenge level rose faster. An optional means of shutting down ads apart from real cash might have been nice, even if it was hard to do.

Still, this is a fun free-to-play game, and one that I spent a bit too long “trying” out.

Wordcraft Review

Wordcraft Review

Sep 12, 2013

Wordcraft is a combo word game from Littlebigplay.

The game is an interesting mix of word games like Scrabble and crossword puzzles. The playing area is a rectangular grid made up of squared letter tiles set up in 8×13 fashion. The letters are random, and contain all the letter of the alphabet with varying probabilities. As in Scrabble, each letter has a number value that seems to be based on the use of the letter in the English language. Thus, E, T and A have the lowest values, and K, X, Q, J and Z have high values.

Also, there are specially colored bonus tiles: orange denotes a triple word score, green gives a double word and word1purple scores a triple letter. When combined, the multipliers work on each other.

The basic premise is to form words via adjacent tiles. Starting with the first letter, tapping and dragging through the letters forms the word for points. The rules governing movement are cool, and the white highlight line underscores this. Forwards, backwards, diagonal… and then some. It is possible to zig-zag across back over, go up and then down, and more. As long as the successive letters in the word attempted are adjacent and a used tile is not used more than once, a word can score points — as long as it a “real” word. Slick use of the bonus tiles can lead to huge point hauls. There are some tricks to learn, too. Making words with four or more words makes all those tiles get replaced, thereby giving one the opportunity to score more in theory. Otherwise, the letters are gradually depleted.

The game comes in in three modes. There is the “classic” mode, that keeps on going until the there are no more moves to be made; A “fastgame” mode that is dependent on a set number of moves, and a “limited” version that challenges one to rack up as many points as possible in exactly five minutes. The interface is clean, mostly minimalist, with a recording of the high score. Options include the ability to change the color of the tiles.

Classic mode, in my opinion, is almost too relaxed; I prefer the restricted modes. Still, the option to pick modes is welcome.

This is the perfect game to get lost in, and is fun on a social level.

Quote Slide Review

Quote Slide Review

Aug 1, 2013

Quotes are really popular. They can really inspire people. When looking through the Google Play Store, there are A LOT of apps having to do with popular quotes. However, there aren’t a lot of games using quotes. Quote Slide is a puzzle game that’s kind of a match 3 type game meets Wheel of Fortune.

When playing, there is a clue to the quote and a lot of letters. Slide the letters into the location they should be and let them go. While the actual action of Quote Slide is pretty easy, it takes a good knowledge of quotes to solve the puzzle in a short amount of time.

quote-slide-6In the mess of letters at the top and left side of the puzzle, there will be similar letters in both spots. The letters can only be placed in the puzzle where the same letters meet in the top and left rows. While it seems like it would be easy and fast to just drag the letters where they fit and the puzzle will be solved, multiple letters can physically be placed into the same location erasing the letter previously placed there.

To help, there are different ways speed things along such as hints and auto placement of some letters. These cost coins. 250 coins are given in the beginning of the game. Coins can be bought using the in-app purchase option. 7500 coins will cost 4.99 in real world money. Other options are also available to purchase but that’s what they say is the best value.

There is also an inspector. The inspector will check the progress and highlight any letters sitting in the wrong place. See how important the coins can be when unsure of the solution?

Each day there is a free puzzle. Others can be purchased for coins. Each puzzle has a little corner banner showing the difficulty level of the puzzle. If buying an individual puzzle isn’t enough, three puzzle packs are available for 500 coins each.

Word Zen Review

Word Zen Review

Feb 10, 2011

Developer: Liquid Rock Games
Price: US$2.99
Version: 1.4
App Reviewed on: Motorola Droid X

Fans of the classic “word search” style of puzzle games are going to find a great treat that’s hard to put down in Word Zen from Liquid Rock Games. This review is based on Word Zen Unlimited, which is similar in every way to the free version, minus the advertisements. Also, you’ll need to use the SlideMe App Marketplace to purchase it.

WordWise Pro Review With Updated Cross Platform Play

WordWise Pro Review With Updated Cross Platform Play

Sep 28, 2010

WordWise for Android is a casual two player word game resembling that grand daddy of word games known as Scrabble. Mobile multiplayer turn-based word games have been growing in popularity ever since the smash hit “Words With Friends” was released on Apple’s iOS platform. Words With Friends has yet to port over to Android but that hasn’t stopped developers from riding the gravy train.

While each of the games from this genre offer their own experience, WordWise has managed to do what its competitors have failed to do: offer cross platform play. This recent breakthrough is bound to spark curiosity and so, without further ado, I present WordWise.