Crush Worms Review

Crush Worms Review

Sep 10, 2013

Right off the bat, it’s important to know what Crush Worms is – a game designed for kids. It’s one of those apps you load up to keep noisy children entertained before they start making a fuss on crowded transport. It’s also free and it’s not too bad when you take that all into consideration.

With that said, the game’s simplicity will immediately turn-off those of you over the age of 11 but is well suited for the younger app user. If you don’t have anyone in your life under the age of 11, you can safely assume that Crush Worms is of no use to you.unnamedCA8L1Q00

Crush Worms is simply ‘whack-a-mole’. Worms pop-up from the ground and start eating vegetables. You stop them by tapping on them. For as long as the critters are on the screen, munching away at your crops, you’ll see your vegetable’s ‘health’ decrease. The quicker you tap on the rapidly appearing worms, the less damage they do and the less likely you are to get to the game over screen.

It’s that simple.

The game deviates little from this concept, though does introduce other things to tap on in later levels. For example, a ladybird (ladybug?) will fly accross the screen and if you tap it before it escapes it’ll give you a score multiplier. Suns will fall from the sky and if tapped on they’ll regenerate your vegetable crop’s health. Enemies will also start wearing hard-hats meaning they require several taps to be destroyed rather than one.

It’s this simplicity that allowed me to breeze through the levels rather quickly and all without being that interested in what was going on. I also think it’s this simplicity that makes it great for pint-sized Android users making for a great time-waster that’s colourful, simple and noisy enough to grab a kid’s attention.

A somewhat odd addition is the achievements within the game. I find it hard to believe that the young children this game is aimed at are already achievement hunters. There’s also high score tables like you’d expect, though getting competitive over Crush Worms seems like getting competitive over posting a letter. It’s so simple, it’s hard not to be ‘good’ at it.

In summary, Crush Worms is incredible simple, vibrantly colourful and full of noises that go pop, whizz and bang. It’s perfect for kids as a distraction and it’s perfect for adults as it’s free.