Age of Defenders Review

Age of Defenders Review

Nov 2, 2011

Age of Defenders is a tower defense game for Android tablets with far more than what most games in the genre have. This game features two types of gameplay: first is the tower defense part, where players erect towers in an open field to protect against oncoming enemy units. There are standard turrets, anti-air units, and units for increasing resource collection. The side that mixes things up is the offense side. See, the heart of the game is that actually the goal is not to survive a predetermined number of waves, but to try to take out the enemy base. To do this, resources can be allocated to attack units, which can then be sent out through one of four spots in the center of the map toward the enemy base. Choosing the righ lanes is important, in order to try and exploit weak spots in the opponent’s defense.

It’s wonderful to get a glimpse of the future with Age of Defenders. The cross-platform multiplayer works between iPad, Android, and web browser versions of the game. The game is the same across all platforms, and there’s no discernible difference in gameplay between platforms. As well, the fact that the game works in a web browser means that the player base is theoretically unlimited, and getting a player to play the game with is not difficult at all because of the lower barrier to entry. User accounts work no matter what device is logged in to, which is an added bonus.

The game’s kind of lacking for non-multiplayer content, as it only has 5 single-player “training” missions after the tutorial. As well, the missions are extremely challenging, so learning is definitely a trial by fire. More singleplayer levels, including some easier content early on, would be huge for getting players into the game before throwing them into the cross-platform multiplayer. While the game is designed for high-resolution screens, it’s a shame that most phones are left out of the fun because of the design, and only the latest Honeycomb tablets can support the game.

Age of Defenders is not only a novel twist on gameplay, doing tower offense well, but it is technically impressive as well. More cross-platform games for all of us!