Theme Thursday – MIUI Cartoon Mob

Theme Thursday – MIUI Cartoon Mob

Nov 17, 2011

The theme chosen for this week’s Theme Thursday, MIUI Cartoon Mob, is an interesting one, no doubt. For one thing, I find it to be fun and visually appealing. The cartoony, hand-drawn style of the icons, backgrounds and other elements all look great. For another thing, it comes to Android and ADW Launcher by way of the very popular MIUI ROM.

I admit that I’m not quite brave enough to install a custom ROM on my phone. For whatever reason, I just don’t want to do it. As I said, I understand that this is kind of a weird hang-up, but it’s my hang-up and I don’t really want to go into it. Even so, to get this theme on my phone, I’d almost consider taking a risk and going through the process of installing MIUI. Well, thankfully, I don’t have to go through that process, I can just purchase MIUI Cartoon Mob and set it as the current theme in ADW Launcher. It’s that easy!

Of course, it’s easy because ADW Launcher makes it easy. The custom home replacement utility allows you to customize your Android’s user interface in a number of amazing ways. From custom backgrounds to completely new icon sets, everything is customizable — even the way the app drawer displays and behaves. It’s very powerful.

So, if you’re like me and want to install a cheerful looking theme without getting your hands dirty dealing with custom ROMs, buying MIUI Cartoon Mob and installing it in ADW Launcher seems like the easiest way to go. You can even mix and match it with other themes for a truly unique user interface. Just another one of the great things about Android; the sky’s the limit when it comes to customization.

You can find MIUI Cartoon Mob on the Android Market for US$1.49.

Theme Thursday – Facedroid

Theme Thursday – Facedroid

Nov 3, 2011

Are you addicted to Facebook? Do you find that you simply can’t exist without checking on your friends’ status updates every 10 minutes? Do you like to organize events or chat with people, posting pictures and other items to their walls? Or maybe you just like to stalk past lovers? Hey, we don’t judge. But if you’re one of those people who just love that familiar, Facebook blue, Facedroid, this week’s theme, is for you!

Built for ADW Launcher, a home screen replacement utility, Facedroid transforms the graphical user interface of your Android device in radical way. Sporting a very chic, minimal design, the simple white on blue icons all feature a “Facebook-esque” aesthetic for a uniform look and feel. While you only seem to get the one, blue background, you have over 233 icons in all, with more on the way. The author of the theme states that this theme will be frequently updated with more icons.

As mentioned, this theme is for ADW Launcher and will require you to download and install it if you wish to use this theme. ADW Launcher allows you to change your Android device’s user interface in a quick, convenient way. Simply by downloading custom themes and applying them in the theme manager, you can give your device a fresh new look. Everything from the icons to the backgrounds to the way the app drawer behaves can be customized from within ADW Launcher.

Note that the clock widget and colored status bar, as seen in the screenshots, are not included. They are separate downloads and may require other applications which may or may not have their own, separate costs.

If you like this theme and want to make it yours, you’ll be happy to know that it’s completely free. Just download it from the Android Market.

Theme Thursday – StyGian Dirty

Theme Thursday – StyGian Dirty

Sep 22, 2011

This week’s theme for ADW Launcher is StyGian Dirty, a delicate weave of textures, patterns and a muted, pale color scheme. With 11 wallpapers, 11 docks and more than 240 custom icons, it’s sure to catch a few eyes when people see it.

You will need ADW Launcher to install StyGian Dirty; it’s not a stand-alone application. ADW Launcher is a custom home screen replacement utility which gives users complete control over the look and feel of their Android device. With ADW Launcher, you can customize your wallpaper, icons, number of screens and much, much more. You can even customize your app drawer, completely altering the way it looks and displays your apps. ADW Launcher is a lot of fun, and custom themes like StyGian Dirty are just part of what makes it great.

As you can see from the screen shots, StyGian Dirty consists of a number of background designs and icon images overlaid with several textures in a washed-out, pale color scheme. The stony textures and other patterns certainly make it feel rough and gritty, not exactly “dirty,” but I can see what StyGian Studios were going for.

One thing I will note is that the images on the icons are a bit hard to see. With more contrast and less brightness, the images might have “popped out” more, making them easier to see. As such, it is kind of hard to tell which icon is which at a brief glance.

I also admire the custom docks, ranging in design but still fitting in with the theme. Of course, you will need ADW Launcher EX to take advantage of the custom docks, but it’s worth purchasing as it brings a few more features with it.

StyGian Dirty is available on the Android Market for US$1.25

Theme Thursday – Industrial

Theme Thursday – Industrial

Sep 8, 2011

Holy rusted metal, Batman! If you like the look of dirty aluminum diamond-plate, rust, rivets and heavy-duty machinery, this is a theme you’ll definitely want to take a look at. For the true grunge lovers, Industrial is an ADW Launcher theme that’s aimed to please.

Industrial features more than 80 rust-covered icons in various shades of brown. Plus, you’re getting 4 new docks to go with each of the 4 wallpapers included as a set. Or, you can mix and match to your heart’s desire, using any of the docks with any of the wallpapers, allowing you to make a truly filthy, custom theme.

Industrial requires ADW Launcher to run (although, you’ll need ADW Launcher EX to take advantage of the custom docks). ADW Launcher is the customizable, theme-able home replacement utility that lets you completely change the graphical user interface of your Android device.

This is a newer theme, having hit the market very recently, so the icon pack is a tad skimpy. The good news is that the author is accepting suggestions for new icons. So, if you decide to purchase the theme, feel free to email them with requests if you don’t find a custom icon for your favorite app.

If you’re tired of squeaky clean, slick graphics and “pretty” themes that don’t quite fit your personality, Industrial should be just blue-collar enough to prove to the world that you’re a hard-working, no-nonsense kind of girl! (or guy… just saying.) Then again, maybe you’re a softie, at heart, but still want a theme that makes people feel like they need a Tetanus shot just from looking at it? Well, leave the Rust-Oleum and WD-40 at home, and prepare for some serious lock-jaw.

Industrial is available on the Android Market for US$1.12

Theme Thursday – Tha Natural

Theme Thursday – Tha Natural

Aug 18, 2011

As a famous frog once said, “It’s not easy being green,” but that’s only because Kermit didn’t have an Android-powered phone running ADW Launcher with Tha Natural theme applied. As I learned recently, it’s actually quite easy to spend each day the color of the leaves.

With ADW Launcher, configuring your Android’s interface to reflect the warm, lush tones of a Summer’s day is as easy as touching a button. Simply download and install this theme to completely alter your backgrounds, icons and dockbars. Then, feel free to change it even more. ADW Launcher makes it easy to set any icon to any app you wish. And with Tha Natural, you’re getting more than 620 icons to choose from, all based on the same, leafy-green tribute to the fairer months of the year.

In addition to the custom icons and dock bars comes a set of wallpapers featuring everything from earthy tones and textures to a field of grass and the wild, blue yonder. Even the Android mascot makes an appearance, imprinted on a leaf.

As I said, it’s easy to be green with this theme. From the dew on the freshly cut grass beneath an endless, blue sky, to the curled, green leaves lying on the ground, this theme conveys so many senses and emotions with little more than a few pictures and icons.

You can almost feel the blades of grass tickling your skin as you lie back and watch the clouds go by. And though you know you could be doing something a bit more productive with your time, you realize you’ll soon be trading in your sandals for snow boots and a heavy coat. It’s worth it to cherish this moment, in the final days of Summer. At least you’ll have this theme to remind you that Spring is just around the corner in those blustery, Winter months.

Tha Natural is available on the Android Market for US$2.99, or you can give the free version a try before you buy.

Theme Thursday – Tha Litebrite

Theme Thursday – Tha Litebrite

Aug 11, 2011

It’s too bad I wasn’t into pixel art back when I had a Lite-Brite. Not that the iconic children’s toy has gone away, I just don’t have one anymore. I actually have ideas for art I’d like to make with one that go beyond sail-boats and smiley faces. Even so, I’m not exactly in a big hurry to rush out and grab one, which is shame, because they do all kinds of crazy things, these days.

Multiple panels, pseudo animation effects, portable versions and more. There are all kinds of Lite-Brites, today. And it looks they finally got away from using dangerous, hot incandescent light bulbs like in the ones I grew up with. That’s just fantastic! You can even download a Lite-Brite app for those various iOS devices; although, that’s probably a discussion best reserved for other sites in the 148Apps Network.

So, if you’ve always been fond of the glowing LED, pixel-like aesthetic of a Lite-Brite, now you can apply it to the icons on your Android device using Tha Litebrite, a custom theme for ADW Launcher.

ADW Launcher is a home screen replacement utility that allows you to completely alter the way your Android device’s user interface looks and behaves and will be required to use this theme. As always, ADW Launcher is freely available on the Android Market.

Tha Litebrite includes more than 540 icons, a graphically enhanced action bar, wallpapers and additional dock styles. Plus, if you just so happen to find that the icon for your favorite app is nowhere to be found, the author is willing to create custom icons for you.

Tha Litebrite is available on the Android Market for US$2.99. However, there is a free version available as well, so you can see how it looks on your device before spending any money.