Theme Thursday – Facedroid

Theme Thursday – Facedroid

Nov 3, 2011

Are you addicted to Facebook? Do you find that you simply can’t exist without checking on your friends’ status updates every 10 minutes? Do you like to organize events or chat with people, posting pictures and other items to their walls? Or maybe you just like to stalk past lovers? Hey, we don’t judge. But if you’re one of those people who just love that familiar, Facebook blue, Facedroid, this week’s theme, is for you!

Built for ADW Launcher, a home screen replacement utility, Facedroid transforms the graphical user interface of your Android device in radical way. Sporting a very chic, minimal design, the simple white on blue icons all feature a “Facebook-esque” aesthetic for a uniform look and feel. While you only seem to get the one, blue background, you have over 233 icons in all, with more on the way. The author of the theme states that this theme will be frequently updated with more icons.

As mentioned, this theme is for ADW Launcher and will require you to download and install it if you wish to use this theme. ADW Launcher allows you to change your Android device’s user interface in a quick, convenient way. Simply by downloading custom themes and applying them in the theme manager, you can give your device a fresh new look. Everything from the icons to the backgrounds to the way the app drawer behaves can be customized from within ADW Launcher.

Note that the clock widget and colored status bar, as seen in the screenshots, are not included. They are separate downloads and may require other applications which may or may not have their own, separate costs.

If you like this theme and want to make it yours, you’ll be happy to know that it’s completely free. Just download it from the Android Market.

Theme Thursday – StyGian Dirty

Theme Thursday – StyGian Dirty

Sep 22, 2011

This week’s theme for ADW Launcher is StyGian Dirty, a delicate weave of textures, patterns and a muted, pale color scheme. With 11 wallpapers, 11 docks and more than 240 custom icons, it’s sure to catch a few eyes when people see it.

You will need ADW Launcher to install StyGian Dirty; it’s not a stand-alone application. ADW Launcher is a custom home screen replacement utility which gives users complete control over the look and feel of their Android device. With ADW Launcher, you can customize your wallpaper, icons, number of screens and much, much more. You can even customize your app drawer, completely altering the way it looks and displays your apps. ADW Launcher is a lot of fun, and custom themes like StyGian Dirty are just part of what makes it great.

As you can see from the screen shots, StyGian Dirty consists of a number of background designs and icon images overlaid with several textures in a washed-out, pale color scheme. The stony textures and other patterns certainly make it feel rough and gritty, not exactly “dirty,” but I can see what StyGian Studios were going for.

One thing I will note is that the images on the icons are a bit hard to see. With more contrast and less brightness, the images might have “popped out” more, making them easier to see. As such, it is kind of hard to tell which icon is which at a brief glance.

I also admire the custom docks, ranging in design but still fitting in with the theme. Of course, you will need ADW Launcher EX to take advantage of the custom docks, but it’s worth purchasing as it brings a few more features with it.

StyGian Dirty is available on the Android Market for US$1.25

Theme Thursday – Inspired

Theme Thursday – Inspired

Jul 21, 2011

I can sum up this week’s theme in one word: bokeh. That’s the first word that popped into my head when I saw the screen shots for Inspired, a theme for ADW Launcher.

ADW Launcher is a home screen replacement utility that allows you to customize the look, feel and function of your Android device’s graphical user interface. Custom themes built for ADW Launcher make it extremely easy to replace the entire icon set, wallpaper and dockbars, giving your device a more personal identity.

Now, back to that word I mentioned earlier, “bokeh.” In photography, bokeh refers to the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in the out-of-focus areas of photographic images. It can make for some very appealing shots that many photographers strive for in their work, and, as you can see by the screenshots, it’s part of why I chose this week’s theme.

I’m not sure if the images in the included wallpapers were photographs that have been blurred to the point of abstraction or if they were already abstract splashes of color with a blurring filter applied to them, but they are simply gorgeous. They cause the icons to pop right out at you. It makes for a perfect wallpaper that is both beautiful and eye-catching, but not distracting. You can see the icons clearly and identify them quickly.

The only thing I don’t like is the color scheme of the folders, as seen in the screenshot below.

The way the folders are done here is a wrinkle in an otherwise flawless theme — one of my favorites to date.

The clock being used in the screenshots is a free clock widget called BobClockD3. I think it’s a perfect complement to this already outstanding theme.

Inspired is available on the Android Market for US$1.00, and the author does welcome icon recommendations, just in case you don’t find a custom icon for your favorite app.

Theme Thursday – Tha Plus

Theme Thursday – Tha Plus

Jul 14, 2011

I must confess that I’ve become somewhat obsessed with Google+ after my first week of using it. As the newest kid on the social networking block, sure, it’s got a few kinks to work out, but I think Google is on the right track. Google+, for me, does a lot of what Facebook doesn’t, and while it seems to lack a lot of the simplicity that makes Twitter so easy to use, the level of interaction I’m already getting keeps me coming back. It’s true, I’m completely hooked on it.

Now, if you find that you are as addicted to Google+ as I am, you might want to take a closer look at this week’s theme, Tha Plus, which carries over the unique look of Google+ into your Android device.

Tha Plus is a custom theme for ADW Launcher, a home replacement utility. ADW Launcher allows you to quickly and easily freshen up your Android device’s look and feel simply by downloading and installing custom themes that change the icons, wallpapers and other elements of the graphical user interface.

Tha Plus comes with more than 620 custom icons, covering just about every app you could possible have installed on your device. And, just in case your favorite app doesn’t have a custom icon, the author of this theme has mentioned that he is more than willing to design one for you.

You’re also getting several wallpapers, a graphically enhanced action bar and custom dock styles to complete the look of this custom theme.

Tha Plus is available on the Android Market for US$2.99. However, there is a free version called, simply, Plus, which comes with a much more limited number of icons just to give you a feel for the theme and decide whether you wish to pay for the whole shebang.

If you’re into the look of Google+, this might just be the theme for you!

Theme Thursday – Rainbow Pride HD

Theme Thursday – Rainbow Pride HD

Jun 30, 2011

For this week’s Theme Thursday, I decided to take a little inspiration from current events. In honor of the Marriage Equality Act, a New York State law that grants same-sex couples the right to marry, this week’s theme is a celebration of diversity called Rainbow Pride HD.

Rainbow Pride HD is a high-quality custom theme for ADW Launcher, a home screen replacement utility that allows you to customize your Android device’s appearance and operation. From custom wallpapers and icons to changing the way the app drawer displays and behaves, ADW Launcher makes it easy to control and manipulate these elements. Custom themes built for ADW Launcher are a quick, convenient way of completely altering your experience.

Rainbow Pride HD comes with more than 370 high quality icons. As you can see from the screenshots, they pull the theme together by displaying a rainbow texture against a shaded background.

The wallpapers each feature varied, vibrantly colorful scenes that are sure to make your Android device stand out from the crowd.

The theme is definitely colorful, and I really like the gray, semi-opaque backgrounds on the icons and folders. It’s certainly a different look, and while some might not agree with the message, I think it definitely delivers that message loud and clear. Of course, maybe the message you’re trying to send is just that you really like rainbows. With this theme, that should also be abundantly clear.

According to the theme’s description, the author of Rainbow Pride HD is continuing to support it by offering updates and inviting users to send email with icon requests — just in case there’s no icon for your favorite app.

Whether you’re gay, straight, bi, transgendered or otherwise, I think we can we all agree that diversity and equality are both good things. Here’s to those who are willing to say it loud and proud!

Rainbow Pride HD is available on the Android Market for US$1.00

Theme Thursday – Underwater

Theme Thursday – Underwater

Jun 23, 2011

Has anyone ever accused you of being a little wet behind the ears? Well, now you can tell them that’s just your phone, thanks to this week’s theme for ADW Launcher. (Editor’s Note: If you actually are wet behind the ears, this theme will not provide a good excuse.) If you like aquariums or just want to send the Android a ticket straight to Davy Jones’ locker where he can sleep with the fishes, prepare to dive! We’re going Underwater.

Underwater is a custom theme for ADW Launcher, a home replacement application that allows you to customize wallpapers, docks, icons and many other elements of Android’s graphical user interface. By installing custom themes, you can quickly and easily change how your phone looks and operates with just a few tweaks in the settings menu.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, here’s what you’ll be getting with Underwater:
4 custom wallpapers featuring colorful scenes of aquatic life including fish, turtles and other sea creatures. There’s even an octopus’ garden in the shade!
A custom clock, so you’ll know when it’s time to come up for air.
A custom icon pack featuring many of your phone’s application icons decked out in underwater designs. They’ll look right at home at the sandy bottom of the ocean.

Whether you’ve always wanted to live the life aquatic or you just want to take a trip of about 20,00 leagues or so, this theme is sure to prove that life really is hotter under the water. And the best part? No hipster mermaids, no pineapples and no tanks to clean; it’s just you and the briny, deep, blue sea.

If this is the kind of buried treasure you’re after, leave the submarine at home and the diving suit in the closet, because you can easily find Underwater in the Android Market for US$1.85. You don’t even have to get your feet wet.

Theme Thursday – Windows XP

Theme Thursday – Windows XP

Apr 28, 2011

Hard to believe it’s already Thursday again, but here we go with another Theme Thursday! One more day ’til the weekend, and one more fancy shmancy theme to show off on your Android-powered phone or tablet.

Last week, we showcased Hand Carved, a great theme that conveyed a lot of warmth and feeling. This week, we’ve got something entirely different.

The week’s theme is, well, it’s Windows XP.

I have to admit, I’m having a hard time figuring out who would actually want their phone to look like Windows XP, but there is kind of a strange appeal to this theme. I guess you could call it nostalgia, considering how old that operating system is. At the very least, it’s been a good conversation starter!

As usual, this is another theme for ADW Launcher, the highly customizable home replacement for Android that allows you to do some very interesting tricks with the user interface, either making it easier to use your device or to simply make it look really cool. Although, it’s arguable how “cool” it is to have Windows XP on your device.

Aside from the obvious wallpaper and custom icons is the “Start” button which you can assign to the app drawer. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Hit the start menu to access all of your apps and games, just like on a desktop PC. The developer has included instructions on how to do it, as it might be a bit tricky if you’re not used to customizing.

I’ve been getting quite a kick out of showing it off to friends and family. I even managed to convince a few gullible souls to believe I’d actually installed Windows XP on my phone. So, at least it’s worth it for the fun factor!

The Windows XP theme costs €0.59 (about $0.86) on the Android Market.