Dark Lands Review

Dark Lands Review

May 15, 2014

Dark Lands looks to be another fun title from Bulkypix that packs in action with running adventure.

As with most running games, the action proceeds from left to right of the screen. The playing environment is dark, and borders on the creatively gloomy, which jives with the game’s premise. Even though bright colors are sparse, the dark hues and grays are combined with splotches of white that signify action item. The animations work well, and the action works well with the background.

The controls are shown via the brief tutorial. Our weapon-carrying protagonists can be made to jump, slide, go into a defensive posture, attack and even stop on a dime. All are useful, just about necessary, to get through the running areas.dark1

The gameplay comes in two modes (Survival and Adventure; the latter can be unlocked via Play Store purchase), and, as noted, feels fairly familiar. However, there are plenty of obstacles in the way, from red-eyed monsters and zombies to lethal whitish blades that swing and oscillate. The dangers are almost the most creative part of the game, as it is easy to look forward to what comes after the crushing boulder or the whistling spear. Jumping and sliding helps get through a bunch of stuff, but I liked that there are sometimes different paths that have different obstacles. Also, the playing area is lined with collectible crytals, and these crystals serve as in-game cash. Collecting them can be risky, so the player has to decide whether getting them (or other power ups that appear) is worth it or not on the fly. The crystals can be used to improve attributes that can make runs more successful; real cash can be used as well.

The game also incorporates achievements, so there is another element that can be enjoyed. Stuff like traveling a set distance and not attacking enemies gets tracked.

It’s an easy game to get into, with a simple premise and easy-to-understand gameplay.