Subdog Underwater Adventure Review

Subdog Underwater Adventure Review

Apr 28, 2014

When its coveted bone is appropriated by a large sea dweller, our dog hero is faced with two options: yelp home with its tail between its legs, or getting its snorkeling gear to get the bone back. Thankfully for platformer lovers worldwide and Subdog Underwater Adventure adherents specifically, our canine protagonist blissfully picks the second option.

The water that makes up most of the playing area cloaks the platform play. The gameplay is leveled, and launches play with several virtual buttons that control movement. Unless supported by an object, the dog sinks to the bottom of the marine travel way; there is a flotation button that causes the dog to pop up when pressed. There are also direction button, and a shoot button. I quickly found that there are sharp dangers on the top and bottom of the waterway that are best avoided.

The other dangers also add to the challenge. There’s stuff that look like landmines that float up and down and left slum1to right to create a lethal, seemingly motile lethal net. Getting by these requires timing, patience and a bit of daring, because its one touch and done. As noted, there are “natural” killers on the bottom and top, so crawling along on the ground won’t help all the time. Jumping and moving is a skill to be perfected, and is pretty much the difference between getting through or failing; the level ends when the dog gets to the exit bone. There are other things to collect, like keys, which can be used to unlock chains that appear.

I try not to fuss about ads — developers need to eat too — bu the ones in this game are bit distracting with no way to get rid of them via performance or in-app purchase. If the ad system was made to punish players for failing a level, it works.

But without a doubt, the game is fun, comes from a familiar genre with well-aged looks, and is able to feel a bit fresh.