Sonic Dash Review

Sonic Dash Review

Dec 18, 2013

Sonic hasn’t exactly had a streak of good luck in his old age. Many of the Sonic games have been marketed towards a younger audience, turning their back on the crowd who grew up with the spiky and speedy rodent. Even the episodic Sonic 4 games, which attempted to go back to the Genesis glory, were met with mixed criticism. So when SEGA cranked out another Sonic mobile game, skepticism was natural, especially given that this game, Sonic Dash, is an endless runner.

But SEGA apparently had some magic up their sleeve when creating Sonic Dash. While it is an endless runner, there’s actual stuff to do, rather than avoiding a hoard of something behind you. In Sonic Dash, not only are there the well known rings to collect, but baddies to combat, obstacles to jump over and the occasional boss fight. Rings, as always, will keep you going in this endless runner, even if you manage to goof up. Of course, you can always use revive tokens, or watch a 15 second video for another shot at the level.


There is also the in game currency, in the form of red stars, which allows players to buy new characters, such as Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, and more, or other in game bonuses. There are also a series of power ups players earn or can buy, which boost one’s score, amount of rings received, or other awesome perks.Additionally, there are boss fights, which show up periodically at random times, which allow you to get an even bigger score, sort of acting as a perk.

The levels are randomly generated, as they are in many endless runners, which means players won’t face the same enemies or obstacles in the same spot, nor get the same set of rings, and not necessarily get the same perks in a level as they did the last time they played. This also applies to the end of level bonuses, which can be anything from rings, to points, to puzzle pieces, or anything that aids towards the “daily challenge”.


While it is an endless runner, using a lot of recycled game mechanics and nuances, Sonic Dash is an entertaining mobile title that will work as a great little time waster while waiting for the bus, or goofing around with. It doesn’t do anything mind blowing or terribly unique, other than the Sonic universe the game uses as a backdrop, but then again, what Sonic game has? Sonic Dash, if anything, is one of the first mobile titles with the lovable blue hedgehog that actually feels worthwhile playing.