Free App Recap February 12 – Valentine’s Day Apps

Free App Recap February 12 – Valentine’s Day Apps

Feb 12, 2013

It’s that time of year again. Everyone’s favorite Hallmark holiday where the men either get extra brownie points or fail hard and get the cold shoulder for a long time is upon us. The apps in this week’s Free App Recap are all about Valentine’s day. If there isn’t anyone to treat to a romantic dinner, there’s an app here to help find them.

Valentine’s Day Cards

When the need arises to send a cute little eCard to someone, having an Android app is a good option. This way the cards can be sent while on the go. Valentine’s Day Cards is a great way to send a Valentine’s Day Card using personal images. Select the border and other parts of the card and add in the image. Resize it to fit in the area and look just right.

Download Valentine’s Day Cards


Part of dating is being in the right area as the single people. CupidRadar will help you find people through location-based dating. This means it is a lot easier to make a connection with another single person near you. Need a lunch date? No problem. If you see someone of interest in the list, send them a private message and start chatting.
* Your actual location or coordinates or any information that could reveal your personal physical location are NEVER shown on CupidRadar services

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HowAboutWe Dating

HowAboutWe Dating is a pretty cool take on finding a person to date. The after signing up and some basic info is added, a description of an idea for a date to go on. Like spending the day at the museum or tailgating at baseball game. This will help to figure out if there is someone in the list who has some of the same likes and ideas about a date.

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