Infectonator Hot Chase Review

Infectonator Hot Chase Review

Sep 19, 2013

Infectonator Hot Chase has a tough legacy to follow. The o riginal Infectonator was an insane stew with zombies, tactics, humor and originality. This game only has zombies. Being worse than Infectonator still counts as a praise, although I’d much rather have original gameplay extended. But oh, well, maybe we’ll see that later. Infectonator Hot Chase is still fun, though.

If you played Dead Ahead, then it’s easy to understand the concept of this game: it’s the same as Dead Ahead, but the heroes are zombies, not the survivals. The main zombie is running constantly to the right, just as the still-surviving humans do. He is also steering automatically to the bottom of the road, while pressing at the screen makes him strafe to the top. The player’s task is to “catch” the humans as the main zombie runs past them, and infect them. The freshly-infected start running alongside the main zombie, and help infect more people, or pick up gold and power-ups. The zombie slows and loses health over time, both of which can be replenished by eating people, or picking power-ups. When the main zombie dies, the gold he picked up is added to the bank, and can be spent to upgrade himself, or special mutations that temporarily imbue him with new powers.

Infectonator Hot Chase 1The game is a constant re-run of the same bit of road over and over again, until the zombies get powerful enough to run through it and unlock new roads. Although it sounds incredibly boring, the game is catchy, and grinding for upgrades doesn’t really feel like one. The mutations and random boosts definitely help, but I’d also like to see some additional game modes, or heroes, or generally some more variety. It’s not like Hot Chase is lacking content, but replaying it over and over again gets tedious after a while – not until the fun is had, though.

In general, I liked Infectonator Hot Chase, and my primary issue is simply that it’s not in the slightest like the original Infectonator. Besides that, it’s a casually interesting runner, with repetitive, but working gameplay mechanics.