Dead On Arrival Review

Dead On Arrival Review

May 9, 2012

Zombies are really popular these days and that means there are a lot of games about zombies. Dead on Arrival is a fun kill everything that moves kind of game about the zombie apocalypse.

The game starts in a hospital of all places, probably the most likely spot for a zombie outbreak to occur. The goal is survival. The undead attack after breaking down doors. Some of them move pretty quickly so keep an eye out for attacks from all angles. The overhead view of the game makes it easier to spot the oncoming attacks, but the flickering dim lighting makes it a challenge to see every pending attack.

When the game is started, there is a short story explaining the game. Tap the screen to skip the intro story. The menu screen is pretty straight forward. There are creepy zombie chewing sounds for a background noise on the start menu which is very fitting for the game.

The playpen or tutorial is really helpful in getting the hang of how the controls work and how the game is played. Take some time here to get the hang of the game and see how to make money and acquire weapons. Killing the undead is how to make money. Repairing doors to slow down the undead will also make a little money too.

Making money will allow for more and upgraded weapons. The new weapon replaces the one in-hand at the time. There are 2 kinds of money in the game, money and Zbucks. Money is for the purchasing things like opening doors, some weapons and buy access to the next levels. Zbucks are a little different, they are earned when a wave of zombies attacking is survived. More Zbucks can be earned by completing offers such as downloading apps, liking a page on Facebook, or signing up for Netflix.

The game controls are pretty simple. The right virtual stick is to aim and shoot at the same time. The left virtual stick is to move the player around. Shooting is rapid fire so keep an eye on ammo levels.

I kept running out of ammo because of the way the shooting controls work, but that was really the only complaint about the gameplay I could find. Other than that, Dead on Arrival was really fun to play.