Dead Runner Review

Dead Runner Review

Apr 19, 2012

Dead Runner is a game that takes place in a creepy, dark forest. While being chased through the woods by who knows what, obstacles like trees and other such objects need to be avoided. While it may not seem too fun or challenging, it actually is quite a bit of both.

There are 3 modes in Dead Runner: Chase Mode, Points Mode and Distance Mode. Each use the same controls but add a little bit of a different challenge. Two of the 3 modes are controlled by tilting the Android device left or right. Forward and back movement have no affect. Chase Mode adds holding and releasing the screen as a speed control. As the run progresses, so does the speed. The main goal is to not run into a tree or other objects in the forest. Bushes will slow you down but won’t end end the run.

Distance Mode is pretty self explanatory. Dodge as many trees and other obstacles as possible trying for the longest distance. The farther the distance ran, the faster the game gets making it harder to dodge the trees and other obstacles.

Points Mode is the easiest to explain. While running, run into the different colored orbs placed in the forest. Each yellow Coin is 1000pts. The purple orb is a 2X bonus multiplier. The green orb is a 3X bonus multiplier. Points are also accumulated by the distance ran without hitting anything.

Chase Mode is similar to the other 2 modes because the rate of speed can be increased or decreased by pressing or releasing the screen. Just like in the horror movies, the slow runner feels the wrath of the monster.

While it’s not clear what is lurking in the forest, the eerie music and foggy tree line won’t make too many people question what that thing is making the noises behind them. They will just run. This is my favorite mode to play at night with the lights off. I kind of get the feeling like there is a creepy something right behind me.

There are a couple of milestones to the game. From the main screen by pressing on the star, there is a list of different occurrences such as dying 3 times within the first 250m of a run or going 1000m in Distance Run Mode.

A while ago, Amazon had it as their free app of the day. Not knowing what the game was, I downloaded it and started playing. I was hooked. Even though it is simple in theory, the urge to beat the furthest distance is enough for me to play a quick game whenever possible.